Sexy 'new' moments (part 2) - school rules!  

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6/16/2006 2:36 pm
Sexy 'new' moments (part 2) - school rules!

Supposed to be downstairs being sociable, but can't resist firing off a follow-up to yesterday's post, since I enjoyed it so much...

First time I was seduced by a married woman. This one was particularly fun as it dates back to when I was a teacher, and it was with the mum of a girl who was in my class at the time! This particular mum was around ten years older than me, and she had the most amazing body: full and curvy in all the right places, gorgeous breasts - an all-round beautiful person in every regard. We chatted from time to time in the playground before and after school, and before long she'd offered to come and help out in class one afternoon a week. Since I've never believed that any woman would find me attractive, I didn't think any more of it; I enjoyed her company, but it wasn't until one particular school trip, when she volunteered to be one of our parent helpers and we ended up sitting together on the coach, that we really got to know each other.

One afternoon, she came into class while I was teaching and asked me if I wanted to go out for a drink with her (discreetly enough that no-one - least of all her daughter, or the other parent who was in the room at the time! - could hear) - I was stunned, and I guess a little uncomfortable with the manner and timing of the proposal, so I mumbled something about it not being a good idea, and she left. Of course I felt terrible, both for brushing her off like that and for cracking under pressure, so I made a point of waiting for her in the playground the next day and arranged to go out for a drink with her.

We met up in a pub in Witham, Essex, a few miles from where I worked and she lived, and had a lovely evening just talking and enjoying each other's company, but I was careful not to flirt too much - as much as I was completely gagging for her, I knew that I wasn't in love with her and didn't want to fuck up her marriage just for the sake of a quick shag. So, as the evening came to a close and she drove me back to where I'd left my car, we were feeling totally relaxed in each other's company and, after she had parked in the deserted car park, I couldn't resist brushing her arm with my hand... And then she was all over me like a rash!!!

She leant into me and we kissed deeply, becoming increasing passionate as she started to bite my ear and my hands began fondling her mammoth tits. I took one of them in my mouth (well, part of it ) and began teasing and sucking her swollen brown nipple, before returning to her mouth and exchanging another hard kiss. It was not long before her hands delved into my groin and she began wrestling with my belt buckle, which I reluctantly (not) had to help her with in order to unleash my full, thick erection. (That was actually an interesting moment, when she couldn't get my trousers undone, as it was an opportunity for either one of us to catch our breath - literally and figuratively - and stop things before they went too far, but we were both too anxious for it to happen for anything to stop us.)

I'm sure it can't have lasted all that long (not that there was anything 'premature' about it, y'understand) but I can recall the feel of her mouth on my shaft, the pleasure of slipping my hand down the back of her trousers as she leant over me, fingering her wet pussy and tight arsehole, my other hand down the front of her top caressing her boobs, her removing me from her mouth briefly but continuing to slide her hand up and down, then going back down and devouring me... Until I whispered to her that I was about to cum and feeling her suck me deeper and deeper into her mouth until every last drop of cream had filled her up. She swallowed it all down and came up to give me a long, passionate kiss, and we held each other...

Although we continued to meet up occasionally until I left the school - and I like to think that I gave her moments of pleasure to compare with the one that she gave me on that first night together - we decided not to go all the way and have a full-on affair. When I say 'we', I don't know if she wanted more than we ever had; I suspect that she did, but as I said earlier, I couldn't deal with the guilt of her leaving her husband and two kids for me (not that I know that she would have done, and the guilt wasn't enough to prevent me from meeting her whenever she asked - her husband was a dick, and we made each other feel good at a time when she was desperately unhappy and I was on the verge of professional & personal meltdown). But one of my greatest regrets in life - and most of my regrets are missed opportunities or fuck-ups with women - was that I never took her to bed and had one proper session of tender love making with her, experiencing the fantastic sex that I'm sure we would have enjoyed and making her feel like the gorgeous, sexy lady that she was (and, I'm sure, still is).

I wish I'd kept in touch with her, not because of wanting to get her into bed (although right now I'm imagining the incredible orgasms that we'd have given each other, and the wild nights we'd have shared) but because I'd really like an opportunity to tell her what a special woman she is, and how much she meant to me during a difficult time in my life.

If you're out there, Caroline... Thanks.

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