nubian princess stand up  

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9/14/2005 11:44 am

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nubian princess stand up

Wife was out of town the other weekend so i went to the mall to check out a movie and grab dinner. Walking through the mall i spotted this hot black chic working at a novelty booth. Went over and bought a new cell phone holder, ask for one that fit my phone, she grabed it and slipped on a cover, and said anything else?? I said yeah can you program your cell phone number in it so i can call you later to go see a movie? She programed it in and handed me back the phone, there you go.. I was like, damn gurl you are HOTTT, she said thanks and blushed reached out her hand and said hi my name is..., wanna see a movie tongiht. I was like yeah but the only movie i know that's playing is Duece Bigalow, she said that's fine pick me up at 9.

Got to the movie early, she looked hot, smelled hot, my knees were weak, sat down and talked, turned to sex of course, she was willing to try things, JACKPOTT, we hugged and kissed then went into the theatre. we were the only ones there for like 20 minutes, hands and tongues exploring, then people came in, she threw a leg over the arm rest onto my lap and was rubbing my cock with her foot, felt good, lights went out, my hand crept up her pant leg to her pussy and began to rub, we played as much as we could through the entire movie, dont actually remember any of it, but who cares right? When the movie was over I walked her to her car and we said good night and kissed goodbye.

She called the next day and asked if I could meet her out for breakfast at IHOP, said yes, was there early again. She didnt show up!!! Called her cell phone, no call back, tried once the next day, then 4 days later, still no call back.

What the fuck is up with that, been 2 weeks or so now and still havent heard as to why shes ignoring me, if she didnt like anything that happend at the theatre why did she make plans for breakfast?? I don't understand women anymore, and you say WE are hopeless???

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