A Summer Fantasy  

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4/27/2005 1:18 pm

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A Summer Fantasy

Summer seems to be my season for firsts and fantasties. This one particular summer, I fulfilled one of my fantasies. That is having hot sex outdoors in a somewhat public place. My husband and I were in Houston, TX on vacation. We were scouting for property to buy in a town called Kendelton. It was a very, very hot humid day in more ways than one. The open country made me very horny and it was just enough traffic to make it exciting and tantilizing. We found an isolated road and pulled onto it. It began with my husband taking nude photos of myself. My pussy kept getting wetter and wetter. I convinced my husband to take his pants off and I began giving him head. As I was sucking his hard dick, pussy juice was just dripping down my legs - I wanted to get fucked - outdoors - right then! He obliged. Doggy style - right out there in the open, I was getting the shit fucked out of me. I could feel his tight balls slapping against my sweaty ass checks as he penetrated deeeper and deeper. For a while I forgot that I was outdoors and to be on the lookout for passers-by. I was in ecstasy. He was also lost in the moment. The passion escalated to a roaring climax. I had done it. I had actually fulfilled one of my fantasies. My next fantasy is to have a threesome somewhere in the outdoors. Will you help?

rm_BigDnLady 43M/40F
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4/27/2005 1:35 pm

Hey, I am all for outdoor fun!!! BigD and I have also done it, and I wrote about it in my blog!! But ours was in the rain at nite!! Still exciting, and was awesome sex!!!!!

Lick well!!


rm_gbjk 29M
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12/3/2005 5:08 am

look my profile....only look...

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