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7/29/2006 4:13 am

Hi my legions of observers, well the ten or twenty who might drop in. A special hello to our American friends who seem to be more interested in me than those ten minutes away.

A thought struck me today...well you know by now that it seems to happen quite a lot ( the only reason i spend time on this bolg, sorry blog is that i am getting absolutelynoaction).Anyway my thought is there are a lot of power games going on here. And ladies dont take this the wrong way; but you seem to be at the centre of it and guess what I think you are really enjoying it.

When I was younger we used to use the term prick teasers for such observations. Its not a problem, just want to know where I stand thats all.

Now dont get me wrong I am sure some ladies do have lasting and meaningful liasons with well hung uncomplicated single men and i am sure its not shallow or demeaning. But hey there are different vegetables in the basket and some are a bit tastier and exotic than you might think!

Anyway i will not worry myself with such trivia, if I am not considered worthy thats the way it is, amazing given the state of some of the guys; i think though I should get a refund as this site advertises that which so far is untrue.

More to follow.

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