testimonials or testicles?  

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8/19/2006 4:21 am

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testimonials or testicles?

Is it just me or do others have a prob with testimonials? you know they (and I have looked at one of mine and its a bit iffy, so I am as bad) seem a bit wet or not very genuine, the sort of thing perhaps a second hand car salesman might say. I.E. "Great couple so much fun and she is so sexy and willing to please and he cant stop smiling" or "What a classy lady we have spoken and she is great; hope to meet one day for fun and maybe more"
Give me strength!. Are u all serious. More likely is "This pair of screwballs r up for everything only just managed to escape with my balls still in thier sac" or "What a let down promised the world ended up with nothing" or "This girl/guy has the ego the size of a small country what a jerk!"
Its all balls to me

More to follow

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