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8/8/2006 3:44 pm
message for the lads

Hi men, its amazing how much we put up with dont u think.
For example do we care if a girl is married a nun, a bisexual or an ass kicking post feminist.Whether she is living with someone or not, in love with someone or not. Do we really care whether shes sixteen or sixty, see its just sex to us.
Also the term NSA really pisses me off,why,well cos its bull thats why, there are usually lots of strings; well we will call them hurdles...lets see where do I start. Age, cock size(thickness & length), beer bellies, hair bodily and head, education etc etc etc--- you get the picture.
It seems the ladies like us on their terms as thier playthings as and when they please.
We r far too easy for them thats a fact and they r spoiled rotten on this site.
Of course many of the guys r doin great..but those guys do great whatever. Also trading off your woman for sex with others is a price you pay...worth it I am sure, but taking risks with long term partners and wives is very tricky.
I was prepared to go for it bfore she pulled out but I dont love her and we r up the creek anyway so not a lot to lose there.
Just my thoughts u know and any ladies who have dropped in dont get all angry..just telling it the way I see it and if u dont agree lets talk about it.
Finally this network and friends stuff is bollocks. No friend ever ever contacts me except one to give me a dizzy. I am keeping 1 cos she is amazing and i live in forlorn and ridiculous hope. So dont feel bad if youve been dleeted as a friend cos u had no intention of knowing me anyhow.
Thats it for now and to all you post feminist ladies. Keep up the good work I have not wanked so much since being a teenager...bye for now...
More to follow LOL x

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