growth v decay  

ft1963 55M/53F
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7/27/2006 6:18 am
growth v decay

Thinking aloud today and still curious about what makes a swinger?
Is it about growing as thinking rational beings. Is such a lifestyle to be admired and are the members free thinking and brave.
The press and our culture seems not to think so. Marginalised and joked about, put down and the butt of jokes.
i wonder with those who are comfortable with publicity and the circumstances are right for openness: i wonder how many propositions such people get from the people in the boxes. I imagine it happens a lot.
Ok I hear you say"hypocritical dickhead" you are such a person in a box; that may be so, but i am on a mission of pushing the boundaries and taking a challenge: a work in progress if you will. You see for every question there may not be an answer but it does not mean we should stop asking. The opposite in fact is the case...more to follow.

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