The road less travelled  

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8/20/2006 3:56 pm
The road less travelled

I read a book once called this(Title) It was a cool book. A book which kind of explained a few things and described life as a journey.It was religous in background (not my thing) but none-the -less a helpful little guide or signpost to aid us in lifes journey.
How I wish for such a signpost now as I wander through AdultFriendFinder,s minefield of anticipation.
I seem to have been let down again. However its not all lost she may be back.
WHAt fun this is though. A bit tough at times, sure, a bit of a let down at times too. But you know what, thats how it is for us all. SHort fat tall thin beautiful plain witty boorish and so on.We all have to get what we can how we can at a time or place we know not where.
Like pebbles scattered on the beach we lie to be baked by the midday sun; or washed and cooled by the gentle surf of love. We dont know where we will land or when the sands will shift or the tide change, but change it will and when it does bring on that creemy surf baby!

more to follow

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