Dating...or not to date ??  

fruitcake1966 50M
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5/30/2006 6:17 am
Dating...or not to date ??

Todays topic...might have been under "Why do i bother ?"..

Been talking a girl for a while now arranging a a time to last night she rings me and we have a chat and a laugh..and fix a date for far so good!!

This morning..send her a text..saying looking forward to meeting etc..

She replies " Having second thoughts about meeting...been seeing a guy for a while now, seen him a few times and we want to make a go of it"..err...

1. Why didn't she tell me that last night ? (Yes it might just be an excuse...but you never know)
2. Why, if its been going on for a while, didn't she say something before ?
3. Why, when I asked her that did she reply "Its none of your business who I see" ?..when it would be nice to know where i stand before I arrange a date ??..

I am now running out of fingers upon which to count my dates/meetings that get cancelled on the same day!!!

Anyone got anything to say..??

Till next time.

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