frovech 43M
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5/7/2006 6:48 am

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12/31/2013 7:52 am


I'm lost. I've been by myself for quite many years, and I think I've lost the ability to communicate at most times.

Sometimes, I would fantasize of meeting pretty, cute and lovely ladies, but at the same time, I also think I might be intimidated by them.

I was watching the movie "The Alibi" today at Lido, and there were two gals sitting behind me. I fantasize about ravishing the two ladies, and being blown by them.

Sigh... Would that even be possible?

GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
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5/7/2006 9:08 am

welcome to the blogz .... a perfect playground for picking up new skillz....

take your time

happyladychat 47F
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5/7/2006 3:39 pm

In Singapore, that's NOT Possible.

No worries.... like the Goddess mentioned, take your time.


Make it your challenge.... turn me ON!!

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