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11/6/2005 5:57 am

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I would like to say that i am very greatful and lucky for the man in my life, we discuss all people before we either add to hotlist or agree to a meet,,, What I don't seem to understand is how one can set up a m&g w/o informing their spouse /companion, I STRONGLY FEEL THAT BOTH MALE AND FEMALE HAVE A SAY IN WHAT GOES ON WITH SWINGING ,The choice has to be with both people ,if one doesn't want to meet then they should not have to,, or be made to feel that they should,,on the other note ,PEOPLE HAVE TO SPEAK UP AND SAY NO IF THEY DON'T AGREE and if the other doesn't like it tough sh*** get over it ,, GOD GAVE ALL A BRAIN TO USE AND A MOUTH TO SPEAK W/ NOT BE TOLD IT'S A PROBLEM ,, if the person on the other end listening doesn't want to hear what said then they got a communication problem they need to fix,, it's not the person saying NO "NO" is no however you say it,, the key to a relationship is friendship and communication,and honesty and if you don't have that then it needs some work don't give it up work on itif you really care,, ,, BE YOURSELF DON'T CHANGE FOR NOBODY YOU ARE WHO YOU ARE AND IF THEY DON'T LIKE IT TOO BAD,, DON'T HOLD IN YOUR FEELING IT MAKES THE HEART CRY AND WHEN THE HEART CRIES THE SOUL WEEPS,, PEOPLE ARE THERE TO TALK AND LISTEN AND GIVE A SWIFT KICK IN THE A** sometimes one just needs reassuance for something else that they are holding in ,, don't nagg just let them know you care, and are there when ready to talk ,, and the other one needs to listen when you say it ,, I'M SURE THAT BOTH MEN AND WOMAN READ THIS ASK YOUR SPOUSE JUST OUT OF CURIOSITY IF YOU MAY BE PUSHY , IF YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO WORD IT TO ASK THEM THEN CHANCE ARE YOU JUST MIGHT BE,, I AM NOT TRYING TO GIVE ANY LECTURES TO ANYONE NORE AM I BRAGGING AT WHAT I HAVE JUST TRYIN TO BE A FRIEND TO ANYONE THAT MAY NEED IT ,, LOL FROG (f) and honestly we do talk about everything , a true friend is a rareity and i got lucky, amen

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1/4/2006 6:29 am

My husband & I do the same thing. We discuss everything. Just so the other does not feel left out or hurt. Both parties should agree to meet another couple. Someone might not like the other couple, than what? You set up a meeting you have to get out of.
I agree be your self.

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