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10/31/2005 5:20 am

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9/26/2006 6:18 pm


Most of you know that I have been unable to write anything new because of my "differently-abled" left hand. I was using some of my old stuff from a blog I used to write on another site.

Unfortunately I have used up all of the "safe" entries. The rest is wildly entertaining but entirely too risqué for this site (I never thought I would say that). I usually get a nice kick in the ass from the rightist front on this site when I post such illicit material so I will refrain from making waves.

However, if I have just piqued your curiosity then those of you interested can do a search on G_____ for Bibiliophile. Yes I know it's spelled wrong...it's poetic license dammit! (OK, actually I spelled it wrong when I signed up and didn't realize it until a week later...sigh). My link will be entitled "If Only it Were that Simple" (About the tenth down). They took down the really cool pictures (no, not like the one's here) I had up because I haven't paid the membership dues in quite a while. I will post one of them on the side when I find them (unfortunately I downloaded them on my computer at work). So until then you will have to look at more naughty pics of me...Oh well!

I hesitate to do this because my writing there was in its infancy and I seemed to have little respect for proper spelling or grammar. But then again I was on a liberal tirade at the time! So go have a look-see if you dare...but don't say I didn't warn you!

P.S. Feel free to post your comments here.

P.P.S I risked my left hand to write this...but there is enough on that site to keep you going for a while during my resting period.

Things to be Happy About:

Freshly Shaved Legs
Picking the Cookie Dough out of Cookie Dough Ice Cream
Snuggling Under the Covers During a Hard Rain
Singing to Golden Oldies in your Car
Te lloré un Río

rm_Polarguy4655 38M

10/31/2005 5:46 am

Keep healing up, and we all hope you feel better soon. Happy Holloween!

GenuaFoursHangs 53M
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10/31/2005 6:37 am


Please keep up the great work with all your naughty pictures. Just gorgeous, if I must say! Wish I could see them bigger. How about including me in your network? Then I could write to you more often as a slightly removed Physical Therapist trying to help you mend? What do you say?

No really, I appreciate your photos more and more each time I see them. Very classy and erotic.

Let me know if I can be any assistance from the Therapy side, .....................or any side for that matter.

Take care Gorgeous!



tigerdickaches 62M

10/31/2005 8:52 am

Frogger...Tiger here. 'Hope your left paw is getting better! I did go over to "Bibiliophile" and read some of your postings there. I hadn't realized that you are one of those 'Lovable, Left-Wing Liberals'. Being from Bush Country and a Red State, I had mistakenly presumed you to be at least a 'Misty-eyed, Middle-of-the-Road Moderate' if not a 'Cuddly, Compassionate Conservative'! I'm a George Bush supporter, but I do agree with your assessment of Michele Malkin as being a 'harpy'!


phangasm2003 106M

10/31/2005 9:16 am

Funny, I've had a blog there for a couple years now and thought I knew all the sex bloggers on there (same ID as me here, minus the numbers). Aggree with polarguy, don't do anything to strain that hand. I've had CT before and it sucks.

rm_simon234233 39M
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10/31/2005 11:39 am

Interesting to read 'classic' frogger1995.

rm_abomberz 38M
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10/31/2005 5:10 pm

oldies in the car a favorite of mine too. although harder to do now that they got rid of NY's oldie station 101.1 for some crap station called Jack FM. its hard to believe that there aren't enough people in all of NYC that like the oldies to keep one station going. what about all the actual old people??

stayed in my scrubs today after work so i could give out candy to the kids wearing some sort of costume. had a good laugh when one of them asked my roomate, whos also a med student, if he was supposed to be a dentist. kind of a poor showing of trick or treators this year. i put up the sign the apt complex gave me, to let the kids know i was participating. and since my townhouse is in the courtyard, i even put up an extra sign by the elevators directing them to come outside. originally the sign also stated that kids with hot moms would get extra candy. but my roomate made me take it down b/c he thought they would think we were perverts or something.
lastly, i purposefully didn't go in search of your liberal rants, mostly b/c i like liking you!

hope your wrist gets better soon, although I highly doubt that masturbating is the cause of your carpal tunnel, if that is what you actually have. people get that after 20 years of typing or some repetive motion for a life time. if you were able to squeeze a lifetime of repetitive motions into a 3 or 4 week period, i'd be more worried about your clitoris and vagina than your arm!!

happy halloween

craptoast 39M

10/31/2005 6:09 pm

writing in it's infancy is sometimes better then up to date writing. i know i get a kick out of my unrestrained teenaged journal, it's so sensitive, but i still like it. holy crap! is that the head of a cock? i thought it was a helmet!

frogger1995 39F

10/31/2005 6:37 pm

Oh tiger...and I waqs begining to think so highly of you. Just kidding. I hope this won't eliminate you as a fan of mine.

frogger1995 39F

10/31/2005 7:56 pm

abomberz: Ohhhh you guys are all coming out of the closet...republicans everywhere! I like that you like liking me so refrain from visiting my alter-alter ego. Contray to Tiger's kind assesement I was hardly lovable...Perhaps I should treat this post like my Fantasy and delete it. I think I may get scarier responses with this one.

rm_gent258 68M
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10/31/2005 8:35 pm

I am surprised to find some people on this site tilt to the right.

eastend79 37M

10/31/2005 9:15 pm

Frogger, I was a socialist going to commie before I ended up as a conservative libertarian. Politics is relative and is always morphing.

As for apologizing about grammar and spelling, thats why they have editors *grins* I learned by asking readers to send me spell flame emails when I made a mistake

MillsShipsGayly 51M

11/1/2005 4:46 am

frogger ..

I bet there are plenty of guys that would serve as editor for you.

By the way, why the name frogger?

smilesalot4488 60M

11/1/2005 7:22 pm

I was in Chicago last March on a Saturday, and it was like a police state. There were 5 to 10 cops on every corner of Michigan Ave such that at most intersections there were at least 20 to 40 policemen, and then there were the swat teams and armored paddy wagons and of course the mounties. WTF, we thought the terrorists were coming and asked what was happening. "There is talk of an anti-war demonstration" the cop said. This is probably not the best example, as historically Chicago's not a welcome spot for any demonstration.

Yep, well we were there all day and only saw one kid with a sign "Bush lied - 1000 died" stapled to his tall hat who was walking on the sidewalk reading the names of the dead soldiers. There were 5 cops surrounding him looking really pissed. What an over-reaction. We couldn't help but wonder what all that overtime cost the taxpayer, but over-reaction seems the order of the day now. With Bush leading as the everyman school yard bully out to get anyone, the rest feel justified and over-react at will, making dissenters into the new terrorists.

Anyway, Frogger - I saw your top 100 books and I couldn't get over how current it was. No Henry Miller even.

frogger1995 39F

11/2/2005 2:20 pm

smilesalot4488 : OK gotta rush really quick but HAD to address the latter part. I HATE old stuff. Old movies, old music (pre-60s), and old books. Can't stand Shakespear, Miller, Dickens, Bronte, etc. etc. etc. I don't even know a lot of them. I blame high school and college English. They ruined everything they got their hands on. My only exception is Jane Austen, whome I LOVE.

rbnf440 55M

11/2/2005 2:59 pm

There's NOTHING you could write would TOO risque for this site.
Nothing is shocking anymore.
Actually I wish you would write IT ALL...AdultFriendFinder could use some LIFE.

smilesalot4488 60M

11/4/2005 4:35 pm

That is soooo true - I wonder how many students have taken English becasue they love books and then go into accounting or something. Yep, the Lit freaks are so busy with the Bronte sisters and the Romantic poets that they always skip Jane Austen. Well, PP is coming out on the big screen this week, and not a plot lift like Bridget Jones, but as actual period piece. I know the movies are a far cry from the book, but still might be interesting to see.

rm_franx75 41M
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11/5/2005 4:05 pm

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