The Fantasy  

frogger1995 39F
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9/28/2005 5:51 pm

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The Fantasy

I was recently writing a draft of post describing, in detail, my desire for simulated . I went through the whole begining of the fantasy, step by step. It was fairly graphic and I had second thoughts about posting it, even though it was pure fantasy (it hasn't even happened yet).

No woman wants to get in real life, especially yours truly. Yet many of us (dare I say most of us?) have had at least one fantasy about being "taken." Just look at the sales for Romance Novels in this the world.

I read my first Romance Novel when I was 12 years old. My mother left it lying around, and I was always anxious to get my hands on juicy reading material. I read it in 2 days flat and was shocked. To think she had hang ups about me reading Penthouse Letters and yet she left this "smut" lying around.

The woman in the novel was "taken" by page 50. Then she was taken and taken and taken again, until finally she gave in, fell in love, and they both ended up happily ever after. I was hooked! I read as many "Romance" novels I could get my hands on.

As it turns out they are all the same. The woman is a fiesty strong-willed character who is pretty much forced into sex (as in no doesn't always mean no) by an equally strong willed man. Then they go at it over and over and over again until...happily ever after!

Granted, my fantasy is a little less sensual, and far more forceful, than your average romance novel. But the point remains, somewhere in our subconscious, a lot of women must secretly desire being taken. Perhaps I will throw caution to the wind (and risk my place as an actively watched Blog) and go ahead and post the damn thing!

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rm_dragonspyke 34M

9/28/2005 11:54 pm

I know that no woman wants to be in real life. Believe me, I know first hand that no woman wants that. It hurts me to say this, but this happened when I was dating my ex, I was 18 at the time and didn't know any better. She talked to me about her fantasy to be taken, and for her to be helpless. So I decided to fulfill that fantasy. I started to take off her clothes, she asked what i was doing, and I said I was fulfilling her fantasy. She started saying "no" and i took it as she was playing the part. I got my condom, put it on, and started to go in. By this point, she started crying, and realized what I did. I didn't know that she really didn't want the fantasy being fulfilled, and I thought she was acting it out, but she didn't really want to do it. I still feel bad about it, and that event has changed my way of thinking on how to notice when a girl wants it, and when she doesn't.

lookin4the2ofu 43M
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9/29/2005 12:11 am

I think you need to stop worrying about posting the fact that you have a fantasy. ALL fantasies are safe because you decide who is you where as in real life you don't get that choice. If your choosing who is forcing you then in reality you are letting them. Any guy who thinks this means a woman wants to get by anyone at random is dreaming, because the fantasy is biased by who you decide you in the fantasy, even if they are unknown. So don't sweat it and post it....

Priapeo 46M

9/29/2005 2:20 am

I'd love if every man, after his 15th or 16th birthday, realized, as should be natural, that the female fantasy of is a fantasy, that women are all sluts exactly like men are, that wild sex is a game and that the component of violence in it has nothing to do with violence for real (not talking about the tangle of pain-pleasure in S/M here).

I can understand your caution, because for some guys the 16th birthday never comes. But what exactly is braking you from posting it? The fear of being misunderstood? The fear of being banned by A F F censors?

Never argue with an idiot. He brings you down to his level then beats you with experience

frogger1995 39F

9/29/2005 5:27 am

dragonspyke: Yes, it can be very tricky, especially if the woman expresses her desire first hand. That's why I always have a safety word...something that doesn't really fit into a sexual situation, so there is no rainbow, or hula-hoop, or fruitcake

lookin4the2ofu: Yes it is a fantasy, but it was the description that worried me, as I said, it was pretty graphic and some people might be incredibly turned off or offended by it.

dickjim: I suppose this too is my concern...I don't want to stir up negative emotions from people who have been involved in or know someone who has been ...I suppose I should put some kind of disclaimer on it.

priapeo: A while back I posted as blog on Grudge fucking...I described some pretty forceful sex and how much I enjoyed it. I received some rather interesting comments; not bad, just comments that led me to beleive that people thought I was strange for enjoying it so much...I can't imagine what might come out of an actual description of actual simulated

WildWon1982 34M

9/29/2005 6:26 am

My ex had a fantasy. She described it to me in vivid detail, and seemed in Heaven when I suggested augmenting the "kidnapping" aspect by putting a knife to her throat. Honestly, I didn't get it. And we ended up never acting on it before we broke up.

MrPloerty 55M

9/29/2005 8:29 am

Wauw nice boobjob

MrPloerty 55M

9/29/2005 8:30 am

Wauw nice boobjob

LimesMastsAvoid 70M
456 posts
9/29/2005 10:33 am

The is a song about in the musical " The Fantastics ".... cautious laughter, since others will wonder......

phangasm2003 106M

9/29/2005 11:08 am

I'd say go ahead and post it, starting of with a statement that it's fantasy. Just be clear that it's fiction. fantasies are amazingly common, OTOH fantasies aren't always meant to be acted on (dragonspyke knows firsthand). Forbidden areas are wonderful to explore in your mind, but you really have to work out how you're going to realize them when it comes to that.

QuotaGetupHilly 55M
6 posts
9/29/2005 2:34 pm

Like you said it's simulated . Some fantasies will never come true as you want them to stay just that, fantasy. So the grudge fucking was forceful enough, or maybe not. Could be that you just want to be as submissive as possible. Just a thought. Remember that this is just a fictional story as many genius writers come up with from time to time. Men that get caught women usually get the same when convicted.

rm_anacortes 74M
2850 posts
9/29/2005 3:27 pm

This issue can be looked at many ways..

Seems to me when women were considered the "property" of men; or should I say the Family, was punished by DEATH.

Simply, after the ; the woman was then polluted and therefore "worthless".

Now after "women's liberation" they are "on their own"; to think what they may, dream what they may.

However, how is the "unliberated" man to deal with all this?.. save the damsel in distress....revenge killing of the rapest?

When a woman says, "No" what the hell does it really mean???

Good luck.


XesSex03 50M/48F

9/29/2005 7:29 pm

Not long ago, a woman was abducted in a grocery store parking lot by 2 men who pulled her into a white panel van. Someone saw the abduction, called 911 and gave them the license # of the van. 30 (or so) minutes later the police found the van and pulled it over. They found the woman tied up inside, stripped nude and in the process of being " ". Long story short, the woman was PISSED! She told the cops "It took me 2 months to set this up. It was my biggest fantasy, and YOU ruined it." Actually heard this story on Paul Harvey.

If you decide to pull off your fantasy, be careful, have fun and make sure that all necessary parties are informed so that things don't get ruined for you

rm_darkp2000 35M
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9/29/2005 9:23 pm

I have now encountered two girls with this same fantasy so it isnt as odd as you might think. I have never been one to indulge in it, but they are out there.

rm_abomberz 38M
39 posts
9/29/2005 9:43 pm

i think this site is about all things sexual, and you should post it if you feel like it.

not to be the unpopular opinion, but i can't even watch related things on tv, as i hate the mere thought of it, so while i love reading your blog, i guess a disclaimer would be appreciated so i know which one to skip.

Efilnikufecin69 47M

9/30/2005 5:14 am

@MrPloerty_ Those are the REAL THING homey, no work of a doc! Need new glasses?

gentile_sadico 51M
1368 posts
10/3/2005 11:38 pm

you are correct, lots of women desire to be taken and my wife is one of them...while we were dating she was brave enough to admit her desire to me......eventually we went through with it after much discussion, and i have to say i've never seen her more turned on....she was so aroused it felt as if she was running a fever.......i will say that reality doesn't offer the same of our friends(who is VERY submissive) was last year and she hasn't been the same since, and this is the same woman who wanted to be abducted and placed in the trunk of a car...she moved away and we haven't heard a word from her for over a year...

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