Sex Appeal: Women in Glasses  

frogger1995 39F
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10/23/2005 7:03 am

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9/26/2006 6:13 pm

Sex Appeal: Women in Glasses

Today I was going through the invites to join my network. The first man I clicked on had already developed a rather comprehensive network. Sometimes, I am inclined to click on other members in their network to check out the competition. This one had a picture that stood out from the rest…I suppose because she was completely dressed. She looked attractive so I clicked on her profile. Her pics make her out to be a mix between Tara Reid and Britney Spears whipcream_me2005.

I wouldn’t mention her but for the fact that in one of her photos she was wearing glasses. Guess which was ranked higher than the one of her in the sexy bunny outfit?

I wear glasses on a daily basis. People have often asked me why I don’t get contacts or laser surgery. I don’t because my glasses are a part of me. Contrary to the stereotypical belief, I believe my glasses make me incredibly sexy. Back when I was on Another Personals Site I had one picture where my eyes were looking over the top of my glasses with one eye arched in a very come hither manner. I got more comments from that picture than any of the other photos I posted.

Glasses have a bad , most likely because most women don’t know how to use them…not to mention the media making them out to be some sort of anti-erectile device. Still, there is nothing sexier than confident intelligence. A woman who considers her glasses to be a hindrance may seem intelligent but not confident. A woman, like myself, who wears her glasses as though they are a part of who she is, is very confident...and sexy!

Then of course there is the other version: the walking contradiction. A sexy woman in glasses is like the old saying, a lady in the street but a freak in the bedroom. Men seem to love this one; After all, there is something about a woman with a hidden libido. All of that pent-up sexuality underneath that conservative exterior…mmmmm. How many fantasies involve teachers, librarians, business women, bookish school girls, who eventually come "out of their shells" (so to speak)? Especially if you can tell that they have a hot body and fire in those eyes framed by glasses. I believe even the lovely Bella had the good sense to incorporate them in to her renewed dancing career [post 106258]. The last I read about it (admittedly a while ago) she was close to making what she does at her regular job.

My glasses are like frames for my eyes, which are one of my best features. When I am being cynical or inquisitive, it is impossible to miss that finely arched eyebrow popping over the rim to accompany my devilish smirk. I can seduce a man from across the room by looking at him from above my glasses, biting my lower lip and slowly gliding my finger across my neck. I can innocently express a subtle “Fuck you” to someone by rapidly pushing the center of my glasses up my nose with my middle finger.

So no, I won’t be getting contacts or laser surgery. You just have to take me as I am. Only if you are very lucky will you see me without them on. After all, there are only two places I don’t wear my glasses: in the shower and in the bed.

P.S. AdultFriendFinder just informed me that this post was denied and I had better revise it or else! So I am taking this time to fathom exactly what I said wrong (since they never tell you) and delete the "offending" comments. I thought I would throw in that I am really digging this baseball stuff. Astros just tied with the sox at the top of the about a great time...even if am solo mia (hint! hint!)

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ewan_1973 44M

10/24/2005 12:07 pm

Dear Frogger,
Yes, I use glasses and I am not planning to get a laser surgery or contacts either. If my overwhelming liking of you gets to a point when it distresses you, please let me know. Otherwise, I will continue posting comments. What a great comment about the shower and the bed. First, I cannot say the same. The last time I was with an AdultFriend I forgot to take off my glasses. She did not care, or notice... And I have forgotten to take my glasses before taking a shower also.

Second, in that wonderful paragraph you posed a wonderful dilemma. If I had to choose, would I prefer seeing you without glasses on bed or on a shower? I guess it is only a dilemma for me, since I am such a sucker for showering with women.

Either way, when will you challenge me to come to Houston to see you? Is there anything I could do to help my cause? And remember, it is not about sex (or sex only) --i am amazed with you as a whole.

Take care.

phangasm2003 106M

10/24/2005 12:21 pm

Have to agree with you there, I love glasses on a woman, esp. the style whipcream is wearing in her pic - it looks like you have a similar style. Glasses - yummy.

gentile_sadico 51M
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10/24/2005 1:00 pm

glasses are very underrated on a woman....i luv the sophisticated look and enjoy seeing the tranformation to a dirty submissive slut once the bedroom door closes...

digdug41 49M

10/24/2005 1:47 pm

frogger I have been wearing my glasses since I am five years old and I'm 38 now so I couldn't see using contacts and laser surgery is out what if the dam doc sneezed or something what I'm trying to convey is that they are apart of me and my personality I get teased still but it dont phase me I know who I am today

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trustno01 55M  
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10/24/2005 2:37 pm

I whole heartedly agree with your thinking. I love a woman who has a smart pair of specs and the body like yours to go with it. But one thing that does turn me off about a woman in glasses. The ones who wear thoes thick cat eye glasses. The ones that look like they came out of the 50's. I wear glasses for reading only. I have worn them to the strip club. The girls just love to take them off me and put them on their titties like they had a seeing problem. LOL I have even had one put them on her kittie like it was trying to see something.

HalfDragon 40M
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10/24/2005 2:47 pm

Preach on sister
Four eyed

rm_Balanon2 48M
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10/24/2005 4:28 pm

I have to agree with you on the appeal of women in glasses. I was in the mall the other day and saw a girl with a long, braided ponytail, tight jeans, and a camouflage t-shirt. The thing that really set her apart and got my attention was the librarian glasses. All together it said smart, confident, tough, sexy, and has attitude. I loved it.

What you didn't discuss, however, is what looks sexy on men? I need glasses, but I feel less attractive with them than I do when wearing contacts. I feel women tend to see glasses (talking corrective lenses here not sunglasses) as a weakness in men or is this just me?

rm_acman222002 56M
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10/24/2005 5:58 pm

Yes glasses are very sexy on a woman...

smilesalot4488 60M

10/24/2005 6:16 pm

Along the same lines - my Dad's advise to me was track down a religious woman, because he found them on the straight and narrow out of bed but wild in bedroom. Maybe women with glasses would work the same for me, as not inclined to do the regilious thing.

Anyway, since glasses connotate "intelligence" in some symbolic way, it would seem to me that more people would want to embrace them. Might as well use every advantage possible. Of course, people who relish the stereotype and label the glass wearer as a "dork" is probably not someone one might want to deal with anyway.

Greenguy96 43M

10/24/2005 6:41 pm

I too wear glasses, but I did get contacts. However, many women I've dated asked me not to were my contacts and just wear my glasses. I too found out glasses can be very sexy.

tigerdickaches 62M

10/24/2005 8:29 pm

The right glasses make a woman look more sophisticated, more professional, and you're right, more confident, and that can be powerfully seductive. Keep your glasses, frogger!


007sexy40plus 51F  
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10/24/2005 8:38 pm

I am a glasses wearer also, but I can use contacts, but dont use them as often. I love the small lenses they have now mine is really tiny and have the tint to them. makes you look very distinguished, especially when dressed for success.

I am the real deal! "Come Get Me!!!"

JudeL5 46M
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10/24/2005 8:44 pm

I think glasses can be very sexy, playful, aluring, tempting..... I love the idea that a wild animal is lurking behind those conservative (not!) frames.... *grin*

ewan_1973 44M

10/24/2005 8:48 pm

It's just you.

The optitian

gnr8nrg 46M

10/24/2005 8:51 pm

Glasses can even be sexy in the bedroom.

WildWon1982 34M

10/24/2005 9:34 pm

I've always recoginzed the sexiness of the bespectacled. For me, sadly, it probably started with Lisa Loeb, but as long as I can remember, I've always found a woman who wears glasses very sexy. And when I say wears glasses, I mean WEARS them. Some women just put them on to aid their vision. The sexy ones are the ones that make it part of their appeal and persona, and that has nothing to do with the frames, or the makeup on the eyes, or anything. It may be confidence, I don't know. All I know is that when I see women with glasses on, I know which ones SEE WITH them, and which ones WEAR them.

rm_Alankink27 47M

10/24/2005 9:56 pm

nothing better than a woman that wears glasses....but with me she best take them off..I started to workout this week..keep themglasses off for abou three weeks..hehhe..hey keep doing what you do.Love Alan

charleslamb4077 37M
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10/24/2005 11:42 pm

I have always been entranced by a gorgeous woman keenly framed. It gives her an intrinsic power that seems to consume everything in her path until I am so focused that my surroundings seem to drop away and nothing else matters. You obviously have an increddible amount of tools at your whim. I envy those who are close enough to cower before the wonderous frogger.

frogger1995 39F

10/25/2005 5:40 am

ewan_1973: No, just surprised. Especially considering the timing. I first met you (via blogville) while I was whinning about how worried I was about the men I had slept with. Still in a recovering phase but I could always use a good friend adult or otherwise.

phangasm2003: Yes, I guess all sexy women have the same taste

xntrickk: I agree. It's kind of like how it's leave something to the imagination rather than being completely naked.

digdug41: I got glasses too late in the game to get teased (high school). Plus, I think I still had something about me that impressed people (maybe it was just the boobage though).

trustno01: I agree, you have to pick the right pair to look good in them. They can indeed be a great accessory in more ways thant one!

HalfDragon: I think we should all start a group here.

Balanon2: I always thought men had the long end of the stick when it came to this so I didn't comment. I think men in glasses are overwhelmingly sexy. They look smart and succesful. But again, just like women, you have to feel comfortable and confident in them.

acman222002: one more vote (horaay!)

smilesalot4488: I have found that to be true...and better because there is no religious inhibitions. Most women I know with glasses are verrrry liberal (in every since of the word).

Greenguy96: I have to agree. One of my adult friends is considering surgery. I protested wildly, he looked much better with his glasses on.

tigerdickaches: I agree. Today there are so many cool looking glasses. When I was younger I have to admit to having worn those really big ones. For some reason I still got a lot of attention (again it was probably the boobage)

straightten2002: In my field it pays to look smart. Glasses help me from looking overwhelmingly sexual. Everything I wear seems to show off my body.

gnr8nrg have forgotten to take them off in bed quite a bit...with no complaints. Plus it helps me see.

WildWon1982: my point exactly! I hate to see a women who could look so potentially hot, view her glasses as an annoyance or something that takes away from their appeal. I just want to shake some sense into them.

Alankink27: Not sure I understand but OK.

not2late2 42M

10/25/2005 5:59 am

Yep, there's a woman at my office who is very hot, but the temperature goes up when she puts on her glasses...very hot!

rm_TNmbigshaft 39M

10/25/2005 9:45 am

I've worn glasses most of my life but as you can tell from my profile picture I decided not to wear them as I always thought they looked 'unattractive' on myself. However, I've only seen you from your lips down but I can say that thinking about you wearing glasses is incredibly sexy. Keep them on (and I don't mean your, frogger.

frogger1995 39F

10/25/2005 4:39 pm

not2late2: I don't know about my coworkers...but the students definitely seem to get a kick out of them

TNmbigshaft: Keep thinking....

GenuaFoursHangs 53M
96 posts
10/25/2005 10:24 pm

Very Intelligent and Sophisticated! You have exuded that from the beginning and now even more with your special frames. You certainly have whetted my appetite for intelligent and insightful women.


I am inclined to want to wear mine more often just to get a clearer view. Thanks for helping to bring back sexy and smart!



jimmy_j_76 40M
94 posts
10/26/2005 12:09 pm

personally i find glasses sexy and more mysterious, like wearing a mask, that's why i wear them instead of contacts.

GentlemanLeisure 54M
192 posts
10/27/2005 12:03 pm

Frogger, you crack me up.
Thank you for reminding us all how powerful - or destructive - the slightest gesture linking the spectacle frame and arched eyebrow can be. No doubt about it, it's the little moments like these that make bespectacled individuals so alluring.

I, for one, would feel a sharp pang of excitement were I to be on the receiving end of one of those killa looks you describe so compellingly.

I'm also reminded of one of the rare occasions I wore a smart suit and glasses in the London subway. I was in the throes of an argument with an impending ex during rush hour. I swear - nothing to do with me - but there were atleast three hott secretaries that were ready to step in if things were going to disintegrate any further.
A mixture of early morning heated debate, and, I'm positive - my spectacles.

singlequietone 67M
232 posts
11/23/2005 8:29 pm

I have seen the pictures you have posted with your glasses, mostly in your hand, and they are a wonderful prop for your pictures. I love you with or without glasses, but from what I've seen they are great for you. The picture of you in your grey(?) business suit with your glasses in hand is incredibly HOT. I love that picture. For me, I had to get both eyes operated on several years ago because the eye lenses were getting glazed. I can now see blades of grass, leaves in the tree, both of which were just a big green mass before. That operation took away my need for glasses and made a tremendous change in my vision. Bottom line here is you are a dynamite looker with or without glasses.

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