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8/22/2005 7:56 am

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There is something about a man wearing good cologne or a nice smelling aftershave, especially those that pretty much drench themselves in it. Some women might be offended by the amount of cologne that I insist on, but when I catch even a wiff of CK One, Paco Rabanne, or pretty much any other quality scent on a man there is some sort of chemical reaction with my "medial amygdale" (supposedly the part of the brain that accelerates the sex drive). Before I joined this site, I would spray cologne on my wrists and smell it throughout the day, or on my bedsheets at night and roll around in them during that time of the month when I was in a sexually heightened state. That alone made me think of a man, any man , and was all I needed to get myself off, without even touching myself.

So you can imagine what it must be like with an actual man. It’s as if everything I ever look for in man gets swept aside by raging animal lust. I was watching one of those commercials for Axe Body Spray (which is not worth your hard earned money) where women irrationally stop what they are doing and body tackle a man based solely on his scent. That is not too far from my reaction at least mentally. I want to press my entire body as hard as I can against him just devour him.

It’s as if intelligence, height, weight, race, personality, education, and YES even political affiliation become completely irrelevant, sort of like beer goggles on men. I remember walking down the street one day when I was in college. A fairly large older man passed me and happened to be wearing the most wonderful scent. I didn’t even know what he looked like from the front but I turned to watch him walk down the block for what must have been a full five minutes. I was hypnotized!

They say a women’s sense of smell is much stronger than a man. I assume it has something to do with our maternal role but I have yet to figure out what. All I know, is that most men don’t appreciate the bonus that an alluring scent can offer. They should take their cue from women. I wear perfume every day. Our industry is packed with products that have some sort of a fragrance and even when a woman doesn’t necessarily wear perfume, she has a nice scent.

The disturbing part about all of this is that I think it may hem from the fact that my dad used to drench himself in what most people would find and offensive amount of cologne. I used to love it when he drove us to school because the smell lingered in my mind for the full morning. I always knew what to get him for Christmas, Birthday, or Father’s Day, since he used so much he ran through it like toilet paper. It’s funny because there is not much else I find appealing about my dad in terms of a partner…he’s far too much like me .

Greenguy96 43M

8/22/2005 3:02 pm

Thanks... I never really though about it. Women do were perfume, though i'm not a big fan of most, usally the smell is over kill, I've seen thoughs commercials and always thiugh they were crap, may be I'm wrong

Priapeo 46M

8/23/2005 3:08 am

Ah, the good imprinting of those aftershave-smelling fathers!

Never argue with an idiot. He brings you down to his level then beats you with experience

frogger1995 39F

8/23/2005 5:19 am

gldynchyld: So what would you pick? I noticed you didn't offer any suggestions yourself. BUt I am always open to more pay up! I happen to like those. Forgive me for being déclassé. But comparing mine to Stetson? That's a bit of a stretch don't you think?

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