In My Bedroom  

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8/10/2005 4:19 pm

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In My Bedroom

Yesterday it was solo mia all night for the first time in at least a week and a half. It felt good, and frankly, I needed the break. I love my bedroom. It is everything to me, my sanctuary, my office, my dining room, my library, everything. My bedroom is also a shrine to my ever growing sexuality.

Growing up I shared a room with my sister until I was 12. I know some people from large families had it much worse, but even when I was awarded my own room, there really was no privacy. There was no lock on the door and when my parents or sister wanted in, they were in. I had no “special drawers” or hiding places.

I guess that’s why I preferred to be without a roommate in college, probably missing out on a little bit of the whole college experience. But for the first time I had a lock! I could have secrets and they would be my secrets. I could sleep in the nude under a blacklit, glow-in-the-dark star filled room. I could explore my body without the fear of someone simply walking in. I could talk dirty on the phone to my boyfriend without having to whisper. I could look at the wonderful world of pornography which had already stamped it’s mark on the budding world of the internet and nobody would be the wiser.

The man I was with before I joined this site had the most luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets. I would spend the night at his place simply to glide my naked body over them. I bought my own, but eventually discovered the wonder of satin. I own three sets of satin sheets, all in black. I love slipping and sliding around in them in the nude, especially in the summer when its ok to let them slip off of me and the air of the fan takes over. In the winter there are multiple blankets piled on top of me, but there is still that special silky feeling underneath me.

I do have a lock, but I don’t use it, and I don’t care. My nightstand drawers are filled with Adam & Eve catalogs and all of the naughty books my mother never let me buy. My laptop and vibrator are both within reaching distance and they both come in handy. My digital camera is close by so that when I am inspired to photograph myself I can simply grab it and click away. A year ago I bought hot pink mosquito net. Sometimes it makes me feel like a princess; sometimes it makes me feel like an odalisque. Either way it conjures up vivid fantasies.

My bedroom is my new alter ego.

Greenguy96 43M

8/10/2005 8:46 pm

I spent the frist 15 years of my like sharing a room, i know what you mean, I did have a roommate in collage but it didn't bother me too much, but when I got my own place it was wonderful. your room should be your alter ego.

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