Friday And Saturday Nights are the Worst  

frogger1995 39F
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1/14/2006 3:54 pm

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9/26/2006 6:35 pm

Friday And Saturday Nights are the Worst

This is going to sound bad...especially after my last post but I am sooooo incredibly lonely and these two nights are the worst.

Yes, I get a lot of messages from men who would love to spend the evening with me...but I never seem to pick the right one.

I have been with a total of 7:

#1: Constantly Busy...eventually we lost touch
#2: Scary episode I wish never to repeat again
#3: Is unemployed and now lives with his mother
#4: No longer on this site...he was married and I was his first cheat, which may have freaked him out. The good news is I probably scared him monogamous.
#5: No Longer an option
#6: Lives in Los Angeles
#7: Most recent but only comes down to Houston during the week...I wish I had thought of this before fucking him.

There are others that I haven't fucked that I could certainly hang out with:

#1: Married
#2: Workaholic
#3: Too Young to be enjoyable company
#5: Doesn't keep in touch often enough
#4: Is apparently upset with me right now after my last encounter.

I suppose I could start over again with someone that meets my criteria of actually living in Houston, not being married, and not being a workaholic. But that defeats the purpose of having an enjoyable Friday or Saturday night.

First of all I HATE first dates (encounters, meetings, what ever you want to call it). You are constantly trying to feel each other out. Since I never send a face pic I always worry what they will think of me. And Despite any pretense of being purely platonic...there is always the underlying pressure for sex.

Occasionally I will give in out of pure boredom and tell a man to call me THAT NIGHT. The first time I did it...he was busy (too bad...he was a fireman!). The second time he got the message too late. I later discovered he not only didn't read my blog...he had not intention of doing so. I nipped that one in the bud only to be sent a rather nasty voice messages. I actually thought it was amusing. I'm pretty sure he set a record with the amount of times he used the word "bitch" in a span of 5 minutes. I ended up playing it for all my girlfriends while we laughed and picked apart his profile.

Going through my most recent messages...most are either from men too far outside of my territory or the usual:
Hi, my name is _______, I love your profile. You can reach me at _______. Look forward to hearing from you.

This was just to vent...if anyone feels like going out to dinner and you live in the loop I would love for you to hit me up right about now (I'm sure I shall regret this in a couple of hours). Until then, I shall return to my TV and plotting my attempt at taking over the world.

Things to be Happy About:

Big Families
Sunny Weather
Black Clothing
Tiny Things
Baby Animals

Jobe00 42M
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1/14/2006 4:34 pm

I find it rather amazing, and honestly disturbing, that a woman as wonderful as you seems to have as much trouble finding someone to go out with as a homely bastard like me.

If I lived in Houston, I'd surely treat you to dinner. In fact, consider this a promise to take you for dinner if I wind up down that way or for some strange reason you find yourself up here in Arkansas.

Otherwise, I can only give you a little advice. Don't just jump at any and everyone that offers themselves to you. You're never sure what you'll get or if you'll even like 'em.

The best thing you could probably do is say the Hell with everything and just go out. Go dancing or maybe hit that strip club by yourself. No law says you have to go to a strip club with a guy.
Just get out, even if it's just to drive around for a little while. It helps clear your head.

frogger1995 39F

1/14/2006 4:58 pm

trobo72: YOu have all messages blocked! How do you expect someone to reply. Why I bother with this...I don't know. I just think it's frustrating.

crazygurl2xx 56F

1/14/2006 5:02 pm

It's a trial, yes. Meeting people here is definitely the hard way, all ass backwards from seeing someone and feeling attraction and going from there. At least in public when you approach someone you find attractive you are already armed with a wealth of non-verbal communication, and the only anticipation is seeing their response which is usually immediate...not dragging out for days wondering.
Take heart, we are all here becuase we are lonely whether we admit it or not. There is something missing for all of us.
Kisses of the sisterly variety...

crazygurl2xx 56F

1/14/2006 5:03 pm

Oh hell, and as for advice...pick the young one and just give it a go. You may be surprised!!!

im_your_man77 39M
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1/14/2006 5:05 pm

I hate the awkwardness that comes with first dates (sometimes 2nd and 3rd dates too) its almost always hard to judge what the other person is really thinking, and trying to second guess where you should take the conversation is so damn awkward. It doesn't even make it any easier if you have been talking to them on the phone for a while.
I have to admit curiosity about what you face may be like but thats because I'm a sucker for eyes and a smile. Although I expect others may have the same curiosity and may have their own expectations I doubt that you have much to worry about if they have been reading and appreciating your blog. It's a beautiful thing an articulate intelligent mind. If I weren't 4000 odd miles away I would love to spend time on friday and saturday nights getting to know it better purely on a platonic level. Perhaps even after 2 or 3 meetings I might even be relaxed enough to argue with you comfortably. Although so far I find myself agreeing with you on most things, but arguments with the right person can be fun and it wouldn't be the first time I argued against what I believed in just to get a reaction.

frogger1995 39F

1/14/2006 5:23 pm

Jobe00: You are right...but it's hard to tell the good ones from the bad by a simple message. Some I was so-so about and abosolutely adored. Other's I thought would be perfect...were duds. Sigh!

frogger1995 39F

1/14/2006 5:27 pm

crazygurl2xx: I think you hit the nail on the head. I have always been lonely but traditionaly routes never worked. NOT that there is anything wrong with going after pure sex. But sometimes sex isn't always the point. I have met a lot of good friends just hasn't always worked out.

im_your_man77: Feel free to argue with me on the first meet! Not enough people do that...

frogger1995 39F

1/14/2006 5:38 pm

Goldmember_24kt: Well screening does factor in to a point. If their profile states something you know you have not and never will will go bad no matter what. But I am a firm beleiver (based on experience) in giving a so-so match a shot. I have been happily surprised in the past.

Jobe00 42M
211 posts
1/14/2006 5:50 pm

If you've ever read The Hitchiker's Guide to the Universe and the other 4 novels of the trilogy ('s a just took 5 books instead of 3), the answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything is 42.
42 is the number of all the pips on two six-sided you use in craps games. is just a roll of the dice.

I agree with crazygurl though. I can't say this is the best place to meet anyone even though it's the only place I've ever found anyone myself.

silkdawgg 38M
43 posts
1/14/2006 6:53 pm

it sucks that you have had such bad luck babe....i can relate myself....but like the ole saying...nothing ventured nothing gained. i like to have an optimistic attitude that the juice is worth the squeeze and that sometimes the hastle and bullshit is actually worth it cause it brings you one step closer to actually meeting someone of quality....i guess with each loser you eliminate you are one step closer to meeting mr. perfect. i know that doesnt actually help much....but hell if you cant be optimistic and try to find some good in the hunt....why waste the time ya know?

maverick19605 59
53 posts
1/14/2006 7:08 pm


Were I there, I too would call and seek the pleasure of your company; for strickly platonic purposes, of course. ...

Sadly, I'm not there. And you didn't give us your phone number.

Worse yet, even if I were and you had, other than loving anal sex and wanting to fuck your ass, I don't match your criteria. So, you probably wouldn't respond. ... sigh ...

On a more serious note, your post is not strange at all, much less bad. For Johnne Donne was right:

No man is an island, entire of itself
every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main
if a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were,
as well as if a manor of thy friends or of thine own were
any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind
and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls
it tolls for thee. -- John Donne

Sad, isn't it, then, that many of us echo Paul Simon's "I Am a Rock":

A winter's day-
in a deep and dark December
I am alone-
Gazing from my window to the streets below
On a freshly fallen silent shroud of snow.
I am a rock, I am an island.

I've built walls,
A fortress deep and mity
That none may penetrate
I have no need of friendship
friendship causes pain
It's laughter and loving I disdain
I am a rock, I am an island

Don't talk of love
but I've heard the word before
It's sleeping in my memory
I won't disturb the slumber of the feelings that have died
If I never loved I never would have cried
I am a rock, I am an island

I have my books
and my poetry to protect me
I am shielded in my armour
Hiding in my room, safe within my womb,
I touch no one and no one touches me.

I am a rock, I am an island
And a rock feels no pain, and an island never cries.


Like you, most of us recognize we need others and yearn for love. But it eludes far too many of us. So, we reach out. Do things we would normally not even consider. And find in the doing a hollowness that momentarily devours our yearnings ... but ultimately leaves us emptier than before. And often results in our being filled with remorse and making vows to "never do it again." Knowing all the while our need to be loved will eventually drive us to seek to fill the void in any way we can once more.

Such is the human condition: we are born to love and be loved. And seek to fill that need as best we can.

Good luck in your quest.


PS: Like others, I too find that intelligence takes precedence over beauty. For beauty fades but, barring major illness, a good mind lasts forever (or nearly so). As much as I love your tits and lust after your magnificent and oh-so-fuckable ass, were you not an intelligent, articulate woman, I would not have continued reading your blog. Much less written to you in it. Blog on, dear Frogger, blog on.

2xmrclean 58M

1/14/2006 7:37 pm

frogger, you love to travel! cum to las vegas! see what an older man can really do! since you read... find this book, How to make love to love all night!(and drive women wild) "really the title" by Barbara Keesling.PHD., and now you know i read too. are you bold enough? 2x

AGNJoe1 46M

1/14/2006 8:31 pm

frogger, it just kills me that you're in Houston and I'm in Chicago. You are definitely one of those women I would love to be with even if we could only spend a few hours together. You are SOOOOOOO hot, that just looking at you, get's my blood going.


goddessofbitches 41M/33F

1/14/2006 10:18 pm

<--- The goddess has now kissed you on the head for goodluck.

May you find the right prick to pleasure yourself


Always The Bitch

TalonDuddyTonks 47M
659 posts
1/14/2006 10:58 pm

sorry to hear that you are so lonely.. if it makes u feel any better... it is sat night and i am bored too....

trustno01 55M  
2364 posts
1/14/2006 11:20 pm

Frogger,,, this is suppose to be a place to meet the opposite sex. But yet it is still a very hard place to meet people. I agree that Friday and Saturday nights suck alone. I do them WAY to much and feel your pain. I have been finding that actually meeting someone on this site is not going to happen. I have had contact with three women on this site. All three I actually met in person after long discussions on IM, email and phone. One I thought I could possibly have a good connection with but turns out NOT. So I have been finding that mostly spending time in blog land has been satisfying to me. Maybe that is my destination on this site.

Good luck, I hope things turn around for both of us.

rm_adultmusic 60M

1/15/2006 12:34 am

Frogger....pinkie and the brain reference?

JudeL5 46M
1535 posts
1/15/2006 1:49 am

Hi! my name is Jude! I live in..... way the hell far away Last time I was in Houston was 15 years ago.... when a women from Houston won the tennis championship (what was her name?) and they had a world summit at Rice (I think?)

Kidding! I hope you have some luck Frogger... and find someone good

luvyourtitties 50M
53 posts
1/15/2006 9:19 am

I live outside the loop. However, I have been interviewing downtown. I am suppose to hear back Monday. And I so need this job. Right now I'm doing contract work at HP and I have no benefits, no holiday, sick, or vacation time. And I'm way over due for a good vaction.

That said, I prefer first meetings that are outside your typical first date settings. Example, last week I was out at a local bar and ended up playing in their 8ball tournament. Well there was this girl who played in it who was hanging out with the guy who ran the tournament. The three of us played pool and chatted most of the evening, well after the tournament was over (I did win 2nd place).

I mentioned to her that I play in an 8ball pool league and she should stop by the following wednesday. She seemed interested so only time will tell if she shows. There is one thing she did that really makes me think she will show. When I was leaving, she gave me a hug (her friend/boyfiend or whatever was right there). But when she gave me that hug, she kissed my shoulder (she is on the short side). I'm just wondering where that kiss might have been if her friend wasn't there.

Anyway, my offer still stands, Frogger. I'ld love to meet you at your local cantina, kick back with a fishbowl sized margarita, and listen to all your unpublished blog entries. (I'm sure my original email offer was one of the thousands that went to the trash bin . And I dont blame you! LOL )

Now here's a question? This "girl" is 28.. Young still, but does age really justify what you refer someone by? When would you say Lady or Woman? I guess I used Girl because of the way she was dressed. Oversized sweat shirt, jeans, and sneakers. If she was dressed up maybe I would say Lady.. Thoughts?

rm_RZRBCK74 42M

1/15/2006 12:08 pm

I am curious as to how you can lose touch with someone that you met from this site. Couldn't you send them a message and say hi? I am sure that you remember his screen name. I just thought it was difficult to lose contact with someone here unless they are no longer on the site. Just my point of view.

singlequietone 67M
232 posts
1/15/2006 1:11 pm

Hi Frogger,
Well, tell you what. I would hold open ANY night of the week to be with you. Fridays and Saturdays are the same for me, all dressed up and don't know where to go. I am on-line pretty often, love to hear from you. The more I read, the more I am fascinated with you. You are SOME woman! Luv Ya.

frogger1995 39F

1/15/2006 1:24 pm

Jobe00: So what does that mean when my 42nd birthday rolls around. Interesting. At my alma mater they found that the entire school revolved aroun 47...I think most of it was configured to fit ( so many majors plus so many classrooms = 47...stuff like that) but math IS the universal language.

silkdawgg: Exactly...if you don't try you will never succeed.

maverick19605: Just how could you not match my criteria...esp with your ability to quote so well and appropriately

2xmrclean: It sounds more like an exercise book...all night?!?

AGNJoe1: It figures all the good ones are out of state

goddessofbitches: Why thank appears things are already looking up

NameIsRace: You should have contacted me

trustno01: Yes...I suppose we should all be coming into this with low expecation...but it still sucks

adultmusic: Claro que si!


luvyourtitties: Ok...stupid Frogger. I don't even know what 8ball is...but if it takes place in a bar it must be fun. If you get the job contact me...perhaps we shall both have something to celebrate (fingers crossed)

RZRBCK74: seems it should work both ways. But since he is the man and men are the underdogs here...he should be trying harder...unless he just isn't interested. Besides...if he won't take the time to send a message just saying HI, why should I work at it? Just my point of view.

brain19812002 39M

1/15/2006 2:31 pm

I think that we would be perfect together. I am young, need something to keep me from working too much, single, your age and think that your blogs and political thought is funny and right on target. I was convinced hot girls with brains didnt exist...

Lawrence_Wolf 34M

1/16/2006 12:42 am

I don't know what to say really.

I'm getting confused with all that goes on. Initially I started out liking you very much (not that you need me to I'm sure, I mean I'm just another guy on the site and said IN Houston), and I still do, I'm just keeping my eyes on the door.

Frogger have you ever thought about this: What if you find the guy of your dreams and he is head over heels for you and he's CrAzY about you, but he doesn't like the idea of you having slept with so many guys. And you maybe lose him because of it.
Froggy I don't know you all that well and I don't know how you exactly feel about these things. Maybe you wouldn't be bothered by that. Maybe you wouldn't care if he then walks away. But I know in my life I have seen this happening with numerous females I knew, and it tore them apart.
Every person is uniquely individual and you have every right to differ. This is afterall a "swingers community" as well if I may call it that, therefor many different people with different goals and different lifestyles and different intentions can be found here. So it was just a thought. I don't know if you've ever thought of that or not.

And don't be lonely on those nights froggy. You need a warm embrace, cuddling can be like heaven sometimes (or always). This is sometimes very nice if there is not an expectancy of sex from either party, but simply just cuddling with pure love and care and affection. Love keeps you warm believe me. Its really something you need to give a good go. But the choice is yours in the end my friend.

This is Lawrence (of the) Wolf

gnr8nrg 45M

1/16/2006 10:45 am

O.K. I have a new saying, " better late than never." I'm in your old stomping ground, but I would love to be the Pinky to your Brain. As far as your number, you're still low so don't worry. After all this is a sex site, so if someone judges you then they need to look into a mirror.

FriendlyTickler 45M

1/16/2006 4:59 pm

You are a very brave woman. You completely open yourself up to the people of this site and in doing so you invite everyone who reads your blog an opportunity to know you, admire you, critique you, etc.. But honestly, I would have to think that a woman who is truelly looking for long term companionship wouldn't be looking here. In my opinion, this place is mainly for entertainment and not much else. Besides that, for the majority of men, I could say that many could be happy with a relationship built on sex but for most and especially woman that wouldn't be the case. From what I've read, you are strong, independent, intelligent, sexy (Mentally) and just plain down to earth. As for the photos that you provide your audience with, well let's just say they are amazing and nothing short of a making a man's wildest dreams a daily reoccuring experience. Enough said though, companionship is what your heart desires and companionship speaks volumes. Closeness between two people, that special intimacy, that is something that I think everyone looks for. So take your heart, be open minded to those around you in your daily living environment and be ready to share it when the time is right. You have a lot to offer this world besides the time that you spend on this site. One day, you will make some man feel as though he is the luckiest man to walk this earth and hopefully he will do provide you with the same feeling. Take care of yourself and good luck.


gentile_sadico 51M
1368 posts
1/16/2006 8:35 pm

"#2: Scary episode I wish never to repeat again"

ok, i just have to ask.....what happened with #2?

please excuse my curiosity...

texascanadian05 53M
76 posts
1/17/2006 4:53 pm

This "living outside the loop" is such a heavy cross for me to bear.

lkg4at 54M
5 posts
1/17/2006 5:11 pm

My Friday's and Saturday's are the same alot of times sometimes i procratinate about calling someone then i one too many martini's and call way too late. Good luck with world take over Brain

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