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My recent post regarding a ménage trios forced me to think honestly about being with another woman. I mentioned that I would be willing to join a threesome if I were with another woman while a man watched. That idea played mostly in to my interest in being watched. However, lately I have been focusing on the part about being with another woman. I have never thought about this seriously, always viewing it as a puerile male fantasy. Now, just like anal sex I could picture myself kissing or sucking on another woman’s breasts or eating her out. It would be fairly vicarious, which would be a huge turn on.

My past “experience” with the same sex can be boiled down to two individuals, both of whom were surprisingly attractive.

M*, a 5’9” bisexual goddess with light skin and long hair we my best friend in college. Her predictable mating choices were domineering women and submissive men. I forget the details of how we met, though I seem to recall her feeling me out and not realizing it until years later (my gaydar is non-existent). Once I found out about her sexual orientation (two years after we met) I was upset to find out that no one assumed we were lovers, especially considering how much time we spent together. She would spend the night in my dorm room occasionally, and I in hers. She was a psych major (all of whom are notorious for drugs and sex) who introduced me to my first real high. Since I never really dated in high school M was my first kiss. She was also the first to ever feel my naked breasts. We used to dress up in each other’s clothes and I must admit to getting slightly excited about being naked in front of someone who I knew might be attracted to me. Plus she had wonderfully wide hips and large nipples that I found intriguing. Nothing ever developed between us other than friendship and I eventually lost touch with her.

My second experience was with Katrina, the sultry Russian student who worked in the library I pretty much lived in during graduate school. I think it was the whole James Bond Russian Spy thing, plus those peircing violet eyes that filled the front part of the library in front of the circulation desk where she worked with admirers. I should have known there was some sort of an attraction on her part when she actively sought me out in the back of the library "to chat." The closest we ever came to any sort of intimacy was when she asked me to be a volunteer for a project she was working on in one of her Woman's Study classes. The paper was on women and pornography and since I was on open-minded individual I had no problem participating, even though some of the questions were pretty intrusive. "What type of pornography do you watch?" "What sexual scenes turn you on the most?" "If you could create the ideal pornographic movie what would it involve?" "Have you ever watched a movie with two women having sex?" "Have you ever watched pornography with a partner?" This went on for about an hour and this being college I thought nothing of it. I was a little stimulated knowing that she was prying open all of my sexual fantasies and experiences. Only after I graduated and she went on to an internship in D.C. did I find out from the head of circulation that she had been extremely interested in me. Sigh!

* Some names have been abbreviated to protect the innocent, namely me.

P.S. I notice the sharp increase in views with the "Pictures" entry. I'm pretty sure I disappointed somebody To make up for it I will try to keep my icons stimulating.

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