After The Week I  

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8/21/2005 6:41 pm

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After The Week I

Those of you who have read the posts from the past week know that it has been pretty damn crappy. I guess it could really only go up from there. Yesterday started off as usual. I had my morning Starbucks and yogurt while I worked on the NY Times crossword. I saw Wedding Crashers finally which was as funny as everyone says. There was a fair amount of gratuitous nudity; not that I’m complaining…but it was gratuitous.

I came home to find a very nice treat from another Adult Friend on this site (read the previous post), though we’ve never even met. Apparently he’s a fan of my blog. Guess who has skipped right past e-mail and IM chat directly to phone number status?

Then I get an urgent phone call from my First Adult Friend. Thinking the worst (read: STDs) I call back immediately. As it turns out, his boss had just given him floor seat tickets to the Destiny’s Child concert tonight, would I like to go? Hmmm, a chance to see Kelly Rowland live (to hell with BeyoncĂ©), Hell Yes!

The concert was great, though the woman in front of DP pretty much stood through the entire thing. He said he didn’t mind since he could look at her ass, and it was a pretty nice looking ass. The kicker was, a friend of his also had tickets which he gave to his wife and her good friend, both of whom were hot, hot, hot! I’m pretty sure DP had quite a difficult time focusing on the concert that night, what with the sea of T & A he was immersed in the whole time.

The only downside was that my bug decided to make a reappearance at the most inopportune time. A raging headache struck me toward the end of the concert. I know, I know, it sounds awfully convenient and clichĂ©. Let me tell you, I was no more happy about it than DP was. I haven’t had sex in almost two weeks! He at least got a hand job and cum shot out of it. I was stuck feeling extremely crappy. I of course promised to make it up to him (promises, promises). In fact, I called early the next morning to help “wake him up” (where were you?). So this week is reserved for DP…anyone else would probably stand me up anyway.

P.S. I know I said I would be meeting with Mr. Mensa but he was verrrrry understanding about the last minute tickets. I guess that’s two make-up sessions I owe...Stay Tuned!

TzarsCannySmite 52M

8/22/2005 4:03 am

First time reader to your blog Frogger. You certainly sound like a fun person that is still wanting the most out of life. Have fun and stay sexy!

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