how women can have multiple orgasms and men can have extended orgasms  

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6/25/2005 9:25 am

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how women can have multiple orgasms and men can have extended orgasms

tantric techniques can do this!

but, wether you are a single person, female-male couple, a female-female couple, a male-male couple or a mixed and unmixed group of males/females, tantra must be performed correctly...

actually, tantra is based on satisfying the goddess, and getting her more and more aroused/turned on, because she is the hardest to arouse (kundalini energy) and produces more kundalini energy than the male, because she is capable of mutiple orgasms...

but just as the quakers and shakers and osho kundalini dancers do, the human body produces this energy from up and down and shaking motion. and the human feels trememndous pleasure, satisfaction, bliss and enlightenment from it and when experianced sexually, produces a blue/white light in the 3rd eye (6th chakra)

sexual kundalini energy or chi as the chinese call it or fire medicine as the american indian named it, is the most powerful form of this energy, and should be produced in awareness of the energy that is being created...

it is a natural product of human motion and, especially, sexual motion.

unless men and women are trained in tantric techniques, they do not know how much kundalini energy they are capable of producing...

yes, even by just doing basics, there are good feelings, but there is much more energy in couples creating it and leads to couple-realization and self-realization.

couples and groups can create more kundalini together... we are like 12 volt batterries tied together in series.

here is a basic tantric technique for male-female couples. ask your male partner to maintain his erection for at least one hour starting after you have reached your first orgasm through tantric massage. (i would be happy to explain ways men can become good at doing this, if you ask me to explain these ways)
also, practice, practice, practice.

here is a typical tantric massage...
lie on your stomach and have your partner give you a full body massage using lubricating skin lotion. starting at the top of your head and working down to your feet, you tell him/her what feels good. you may have him/her spend 15 minutes on your feet... each person has "hot turn on" spots, this massage is very stimulating.
then you will turn over, and he/she will start from the bottom of you feet to the top of your head... again, you tell him/her what feels good, and he/she massages as your body feels/reacts to this massage.

now, in tantra, it is important that the soul/body is cleared and awakened. your 7 chakras must be cleared, your spine is then cleared, and then the kundalini is awakened by tapping at the base of your spine... (i would be happy to explain this in more detail)

then have him/her do clitoral, sacred spot, oral stimulation, and let him/her know when you have had enough of each of these...

this tantric massage will give you at least your first orgasm, even before his/her penetration with his/her magic wand/toy.

and, for women with men, when you spend one hour with his erection and with your high arousal, and telling him what feels good to you, faster/slower/harder/softer, you will have multiple orgasms...

this is what tantra is... if tantra is not done properly, this kundalini energy will be trapped in your 1st and 2nd chakras. and you will feel pain in your stomach...
tantra must be done correctly...

clittietittie 61F

6/29/2005 4:57 pm

Fantastic! I want to study this! I have always wanted to learn about this sort of meditative sexual practice. Where did you learn? Did someone teach or initiate you or did you teach yourself via books etc just as one might do for meditation techniques?

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6/29/2005 7:29 pm

I am so glad I stumbled on to this! I have been curious about tantra for a long time!

rm_soshoreman2 59M

7/5/2005 8:25 pm

this is very interesting. I too am glad I found this viewing enchanted's profile.

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3/5/2006 3:39 pm

nice cant say it any better than that i am a student of umaatantra and i live in houston texas this is some of the best stuff on here thanks your blog is great.

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