Reincarnation and Sacred Sex  

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Reincarnation and Sacred Sex

we are spirits living as human beings...

dear fellow members...
as we are in the
Age of Aquarius... the Age of Love...
i would like to share the following with you...

sacred sex and shamanism has led me to manifest
a new major arcana tarot deck symbolizing the life lessons we are learning in this New Age.

based on each card symbolizing a major lesson of human life of the heart and mind of god/goddess...

this is a path that is chosen by an enlightened human who wants to follow a spiritual path of dharma, not karma.

this person now has passed the tests of life and consciously chooses to follow an intuitive path of dharma, having learned the lessons of karma.

these 25 lessons of awakening spirit to divine love are symbolic of the loving Age of Aquarius...

0 The Fool - choices offered to unawakened spirit being who trusts everyone.
1 The Magician - creative energy used by spirit being using human ego.
2 The High Priestess - spirit experiences evil of man and uses mind of God before heart.
3 The Empress - spirit learns of the unconditional love of man using heart.
4 The Emperor - spirit learns leadership, control, uses mind to SEE life.
5 The Hierophant - spirit learns of religious dogmas of man.
6 The Lovers - love, relationships, man follows woman to enlightenment.
7 The Chariot - spirit is a child of God.

8 Strength - spirit knows courage, strength, power, can SEE human self, accepts reincarnation, recognizes his/her spirit as his/her self, chooses a divine path. SEES evil present on earth, does not want this evil to destroy earth as planet lucifer was destroyed, SEES earth as in God's realm.

9 The Hermit - wisdom, spirituality, inner seeking, spirit is one with self.
10 Wheel of Fortune - fate brings changes in order to awaken spirit.
11 Justice - spirit uses human mind to SEE good versus evil.

12 Hanged Man - SEES good even in bad times, spirit can awaken.

13 Reincarnated human Being - spirit awakens to lessons/tests of life and divine path of earth. uses intuition and day to day life occurrences to guide him/her on divine path, SEES life lessons/tests.
(13 is DEATH card in traditional tarot decks)

14 Temperance - spirit learns to shadow dance between darkness and light

15 The crying Devil - spirit learns temptation and the evils of the material world. tears of caring devil creates water which is human emotion shown as water on all divine path cards.
(divine intuition)

16 The Tower - spirit learns conflict and has problems to overcome.
17 The Star - spirit offers hope and inspiration to man.
18 The Moon - spirit experiences unseen troubles and evil urges.
19 The Sun - spirit experiences success as a human.
20 Judgment - spirit awakens and begins to judge evils of man.
21 The World - spirit is taught final lessons and given final tests. feels love of God as his/her human emotion.

22 New Heavens School - 0 fool has passed all tests, and this spirit becomes divine path teacher, uses intuition, is guided to do God's will on earth, teaches unawakened spirits through his/her example of living, remembers past lives as part of understanding spirit path of learning, uses spirit power from tantra and other spirit power techniques to enlighten himself/herself and others, comes together with other like teachers, is a shaman for the great spirit, and teaches lesson that must be learned for New Age of 2013.

23 The Anointed Souls - Spirits come together and live divine life as teachers of divine love of God. live lives as divine teachers of God's way in communities of god/goddess in action on mother earth. They are in the spirit of God, no longer driven by the evil emotions of man such as jealousy, possession, control, hate, anger...

24 divine love card - couple-realization from tantric type love making techniques brings enlightenment and divine love to earth. woman leads man to heart/body and mind/soul enlightenment, and together, they experience being ONE with the heart and mind of God.

as you know, the Age of Aquarius has an air sign (thinking/mind/soul) carrying water (emotion/heart/intuition) to mother earth.
you will notice i have the devil crying, creating the river of heaven.

This water appears in all 25 tarot cards, symbolizing the ability to deal in a positive way with human emotion and an ability to tap into this river for guidance intuitively, to allow the divine path spirit to stay on a more positive path of dharma...

two recent intuitions about car accidents i did not have, are examples of this intuition.

one car with no lights on coming at me, and another car coming out one way street at me, are examples of this type of positive intuition...

no need for me to experience these negative accidents, because i am listening and i am in tune with my inner spirit self and have chosen the divine love path.

this is what i believe the Age of Aquarius is about.. listening to your inner spirit...

in love and light,

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