Respect and Friendship  

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4/17/2006 10:50 am

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Respect and Friendship

Being a giver is tough sometimes cause it becomes hard to seperate what is best for someone else and what is best for myself. There have been a few people in my entire life that have made me give more then I ever imagined I could and I never asked for or wanted anything back. Maybe it was just a smile I got to see when someone was pleased with me.. or they actually had the skills to tell me I meant something to them. Either way words and expressions take action they aren't something that "just" happen. If we don't take time to tell those close to us they are special then they will drift until they find security besides another who will appreciate them.
Rarest thing to find is someone who accepts you unconditionally based on the fact they WILL never judge you but just take you in as a whole. Faults and all with out making you feel like a failure, they help you up to stand strong again. Even if that means they step far enough away to leave room for "Independence", it doesn't mean they have left you alone.
Connections that reach deeply through experiences can't be explained in all the right words.. sometimes it hurts anyways and we can't stop the pain.

It makes the choices we DO get to make that much more precious when we also have to Live with ones we can not control sometimes.

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4/17/2006 2:23 pm

great post..

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