so where do all these blogs go???  

friendsfirst1965 51F  
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10/9/2005 8:03 pm

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9/11/2011 10:39 pm

so where do all these blogs go???

Does any one read they mean any thing.......... how can so may people be lonley to put there whole life out there for all to see and read. IM one of the honset ones for sure but how many more really are??? if all was well why so many people on this site??? why do all the nice ones finish last.............. is there really some one out there for me??? will i ever find him?? is he looking for me??/
yes all these questions and how do i ge them answered??? .............Lisa

gudulkaman 67M

10/9/2005 11:57 pm

there are a few of us.
finishing last just means
taking our time and enjoying
the journey.

leesiderebel 42M
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11/12/2005 11:21 am

Hi there, thanx very much for posting a comment on my blog about upgrading. I have no doubt there are lots of genuine people on this site its finding them thats the trouble. I like you am one of the genuine ones but then im sure nearly everyone has said that to you before. I have no doubt theres someone out there for you but you are right the good ones always seem to finish last, i understand exactly where you are coming from with that. The last girl i was going out with used the words you are really such a nice guy and i do like you alot but...... maybe she wanted to be treated badly i dont know... Anyways thatnx again for your advice

rm_forddude3 51M
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11/13/2005 9:14 pm

well helo i did get your reply and iam replying back to you it is hard to trust people but some times you have to thank you for your reply

tmdt4u 61M

11/15/2005 10:59 am

I think it is better to look at us as options or oppionons (some like ass holes stink)also like my spelling. there is someone for everyone and somplace the problem is to be ready so when they appear you realize it .good luck my princess

rm_Ieightonetoo 68M
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11/21/2005 3:30 pm

When you least expect it you are in love. Like the weather in Chicago
it sneaks up on you. Sure sex works for a while but real love works
far longer and we never see it comeing. The point is you have to kiss
a few frogs before you get to the prince that has all you want in a
mate. You still have an open mind, and I sincerly hope your heart is
open as well so when Mr. right comes along you will recognize him

friendsfirst1965 51F  
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1/4/2006 9:12 am

yes so i am told all these, but guess the saying looking in all the wrong places........... guess i should go with eyes closed lol good luck to you also on your search..........Lisa

sheepherder4 51M
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1/18/2006 9:26 am

please email me sheepherder4

friendsfirst1965 51F  
44 posts
3/12/2006 7:55 am

HI me again Just renewed my gold membership not sure why........ when filling out the profile.......... What is so hard about the status? what is prefer not to answer??? DUH thats a hard one..........HONEST is a good start DONT you think........... will soon be on here a year still looking searching for that one, two what ever. The one would be nice.............. friend with benifit thing........... please find me LOL : ) thanks to all who have wrote, winked,chatted,called......... you have made me laugh ,cry, smile, and to some of u i really enjoy your jokes- e-mails..........thanks for being there............Lisa

robbob1 46M
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4/21/2006 12:46 am

You have to believe me whan I tell you that I am asking myself all the same questions and never seem to be able to find the answers. Especially "why do all the nice ones finish last?" I live in a small town tucked away in the East Central part of Illinois. I actually live closer to bigger towns in Indiana than I do say, Effingham, Charleston or Champaign. Although, Effingham is only an hour drive from me. Never the less, I keep comming to this site looking at the same profiles all the time and never get any responces from REAL people, and if I do, they live a thousand miles away! Oh well, good luck and happy searching.


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