How is it Really.....(smiles)  

friendsfirst1965 51F  
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4/14/2006 10:49 am

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9/11/2011 10:39 pm

How is it Really.....(smiles)

HEy !!! How is it really? i dont know i figure you only live once so you better enjoy ! RIGHT Right.... This sight even though im an adlut some im told (lol) sure has taught me a thing or two.... Different things for different folks HUH oh YEAH.... . Im finding things here in this small town are not the same in some ways... Have meet so real country folks......... you no bad teeth, bad breath, no jobs, no running water i guess lol... So i keep looking thinking got to hit the jack pot sometime..then i look and think wow that looks nice sounds nice and find out only live like a thousand miles away..but hey what you going do..........Pics are nice to look at! Got to love that!!! Till next time..............Lisa

robbob1 46M
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4/21/2006 1:04 am

I totally agree with you! You siad it. I am also fed up with meeting people in my small town. Bad teeth, bad breath, no job, yea I know exactally what you are talking about. If only someone closer to me would contact me or at least reply to my e-mails. The only replies I seem to get are from bots that want me to go and look at porn on another site. I have been a member on this site since 1997, with an on again off again gold membership. In all this time I have never met anyone from this site in person. I would really like to, but finding some one close enough to have a friendship, with benefits, seems to be impossible. Oh WOW, I just looked up your profile and noticed you live in Flora. I live in Robinson. If you would like to get to gether some time, let me know.


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