Love Must Be Blind  

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1/14/2006 6:02 am

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Love Must Be Blind

Sitting around with a group of the guys from work one day and in time the conversation turned to our wives and previous girlfriends and lovers. There were seven of us and to a man each had ended up marrying a woman who was the opposite of what we considered to be the perfect type women for each of us. I for example have always been attracted to dark haired women (the darker the better),with smaller breasts (B or a small C) with a bit of extra meat in just the right places and darker skin tone. I ended up marrying a large breasted, blonde with very light skin.

I'm not sure if this a common trend among males and/or females or just an abberation of this particular group of men. So maybe love is blind, or possibly let's us see the other fine qualities of that someone special.

Anyone have any thoughts on the subject?

loadeddice05 44M

2/26/2006 7:34 am

Hey I'll trade my g.f. for your wife! Yeah! We end up with our opposite ideals! Sigh!

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