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8/22/2006 2:49 pm

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It is today that for me is there the the greatest anger ever.

While Carlos stands so mighty, yet unknown to the pleasures of many women, it is I, a friend of Carlos who shakes his fist at the sky and begs for God to take vengeance on those who dare resist the great Carlos.

For it was yesterday, in a mighty effort to relieve our minds, of our great quest to make jerseygem70 succumb to the will of Carlos, that we decided to take a break...a break to find other such women who may be pleasured by Carlos in the meantime.

Together, we decided we would post this question in the that such place where feeble Americans ask for advice.

We quite simply ask, Is there any such a woman who can resist the great Carlos?.

After returning to the cornfields we noticed, that our youngest sheep, who knows the pleasures of Carlos many times, seemed to be looking a little sad.

It was in that very instance that I first looked at Carlos and then he at me.

Are eyes met fiercely, but we not not say anything, for it is I who knows how the mind of the great Carlos works. Together, we look at the saddened sheep, and then back at each other with the wryest of dirty smiles.

Swiftly Carlos grabbed the sheep before it could escape, and it would only be moments before the sheep bore a smile of such magnitude that it could only have been pu there by who?

Carlos. That is who.

With our mighty prides once again restored, we came back to the laptop which is cleverly owned by Carlos, to do nothing more than to scroll down the list of many women who we were certain would beg that the great Carlos might choose her to be the one who Carlos rams so swiftly with his mighty sporos.

Eager, and swivelling our heads with a wry smile we began to scroll down this question...

Is there any such a woman who can resist the great Carlos?

It was then, that our mighty panic caused all the chickens to fly around the room franticly. But for who is to calm us if there is no one to calm the mighty Carlos.

We were shocked to discover, that these many women choose not to be pleasured by the great Carlos, and Carlos is not impressed with these words given by these Americans, who are ungrateful, and do not accept, that for them, there is but only one great earthly pleasure.

And that pleasure is Carlos.

It is now that we realize, that it may be necessary for us to be more forceful with you american women, so that you too, will also shiver in fear at the day you resist the great Carlos.

And now, it has become time for us to return where it is that these feeble Americans, get advice, and Demand that all women shall respect Carlos!!!

druidrocker 62F

8/22/2006 3:45 pm

stick w/the sheep

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