The Problem of SUCCESS  

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3/22/2006 9:41 pm

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The Problem of SUCCESS

Many exciting projects contain the seeds of their own destruction. A fact of life, and an interesting one, that when something works out too well, there is often a hidden price to pay.

AdultFriendFinder has its own success booby trap, not that it has affected me, nor is it likely wrting offbeat blog entries like this one.

The AdultFriendFinder bomb is the notion that the people on your screen might actually show up, in number, all at once.

Ladies, what would you do if all those dick-photo dudes came in by bus and formed a single file line outside your door one fine morning?

What would the neighbors think of the massive gridlock of dirty pickup trucks radiating out from your address. Might even make the traffic report on the radio!

Looking over the local "Who's Online Now" listings, I can pick out several combinations of women who, even in small numbers, could most likely kick my ass and leave me in a small puddle on the floor.

Seriously, if the phone rang and it was "rydethedick" saying she was gonna lay up a few forties and come by with "NavyWave1" and "Creamy 757" I wouldn't know what to do. I'd probably run and go hide in the library until they went home

Munching down handfuls of Viagra ain't the answer. I would also need lots of amphetamines and some Tiger Balm, maybe some Band-Aids and a splint.

Damn, I am really impressed at how strong some of the local babes look. Check out mscumswala -- "I AM MS.CUMSWALA. AS YOU CAN SEE"-- a powerful, determined woman. Out of my league--although somebody will be very happy to meet her, I'm sure.

And then there are some unbelivably cute and hot local 20 year olds who, as much as I like to dream, better not show up at my door because I will be so blown away that I will do something REAL STUPID, like "Here's the keys... You can have my Volvo. Really, take it!"

And my dumb ass would be taking the bus...there's an alternative lifestyle for ya.

Extreme wildness is a fun concept to try on but the reality of success in this adventure is a total committment, hence the term lifestyle, right?

I hope everybody gets what they want...or at least figures what it is, while they're here, me included.

After two weeks scoping out AdultFriendFinder, my personal goal is conservative by AdultFriendFinder standards, but it is a real, not fantasy, goal. Pretty much back where I started pre-AdultFriendFinder.

I can see myself with a nice thirty-something mom, maybe a schoolteacher. Sharing some special moments and enhancing our lives, by giving us something to smile about for the 99% of the time we are not together, doing what we have to do.

I like to believe this person is out there and she's looking for what I'm looking for.

So, my definition of "success" is a kind of success where there is no "problem of success"-- except the problem that I waited so long before looking for it.

As I said before, it's still legal to dream... thank god!

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