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3/24/2006 1:32 pm

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Reading the Label

I noticed that the banner on the top of the page says "AdultFriendFinder" not "Adult Friend GETTER"

This is no small difference.

I think I found who I was looking for on here but she is proving really hard to GET.

I was just playing around on AdultFriendFinder then, when I least expected it, I picked up on some subtle clues to something special that really caught my attention. Beauty is where you find it, whatever you imagine it to be.

I tried logic, subtlety, directness, poetry, pleading, humor all the modes of communication at my command and I couldn't break through the veil from digital fantasy into reality. Just can't make that elusive connection.

Seems very easy to edge into being a bit pushy, which is not my style.

It is easy to say too much.

How can I distinguish my message from a million other messages that I will never see and which form the backdrop against which mine is read?

I don't want to join the circus for attention but what do you do when it is a circus?

Finding is least you know that there are other people like you out there.

But I'm not sure it is enough. Might even be worse than "not finding" in some respects. So close and yet so far...

It is a big leap from AdultFriendFinder to reality. How do you get somebody to take your hand and make that jump?

H'mm...tough one. Certainly a lot easier the old fashioned way.... in person...where charisma and pheremones bear on the challenges at hand, not to mention the magic "spark" of mutual attraction.

What might be needed to break through is captured in words I learned from a vidcam introduction from a hot lady from Finland today: "Feel the fear and then do it anyway"

Making a change always involves choosing to make a move and sometimes it does require a leap of faith

Changing your life often requires doing something that can be either a bit crazy or the most genius thing you ever did.

There is no way in advance to know which is which, because that answer belongs entirely to the future. I think I was ready to find out.

Whew, heavy...better go grab a Guiness and chill, check the "Who's Online" listings a couple more times. Maybe I should just go hang out on ebay for a couple days and get my bearings

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