In a quandry...  

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3/21/2006 7:21 pm

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3/29/2006 8:44 pm

In a quandry...

Help me out here...

Who would you choose--"juicyass78" or "juicybooty1988"???

They are both on my local "Who's Viewing" summary and I simply can't decide between them.

I have no doubt that they are both real "juicy," surely in the same juicyness ballpark.

After a certain level, a lot gets wasted anyway.

I'm totally into "ass" but sometimes like a little "booty" for variety. H'mm...tough call.

I looked up "juicysnatch," hoping for a tiebreaker, but she's in London. What's more, she hasn't been on since 2001.

"juicysnatch69" is a much better bet--she's in Colorado and visted as recently as April 2005.

js69 also admitted that she likes to be licked by her cat, Tinkerbell. Yeah I like a woman who dares to be different. Wonder if she has "backwards tongue hairs" selected in her "Cupid Settings"...

How about just "juice" --straight up, go for the, YO! GIMME SOME JUICE!

Fuck, it's a GUY!

Alright, a guy, right let's see... lemme try "juicysnatchass2006booty4U"...

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