How do you know when you have lost it on AFF??  

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3/19/2006 11:29 am

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How do you know when you have lost it on AFF??

At first glance, AdultFriendFinder struck me as an amazing reality site, but that's only until I realized that this is totally the land of alternate reality. It kinda sneaks up so that, sometimes, you don't fully realize just how far you've drifted out to sea!

This morning I had a little video chat window open on my computer while I read the world news. It was an interesting broadcast-- a 30-ish woman from Germany had a cam trained on her ass from 3 inches, ok… 7.5 cm, metric system, right...

It was an hour-long epic, not a passing glimpse but a highly focused exploration. It was like one of those medical shows where they stick a fiber optic tube through some hole in the body. Techno voyeurism, micro voyeurism, or something like that. The close up was so tight that it took me a few minutes to get my bearings and figure out exactly what I was looking at! Intriguing, in a very unusual new way.

I made the mistake of asking myself “Boy, where is your head at?” while enjoying this spectacle, but I decided that maybe I didn’t want to know!! ;o)

I realized that I had really lost it when one of the Filipina video chat girls started looking really good to me. I think her slogan was something like: “Loking for funny sex and maybe marriage to support me and my family later.” Yeah, must be nice in Cebu this time of year, I started to think. Sure, my wife wouldn’t mind cleaning out the kids TV room so this girl’s grandmother and aunts can move in….Sure, totally do-able…

Maybe AdultFriendFinder is not the best place to look for a solid connection with reality, huh? Most of the people on here are tuned in precisely to play up their own alternative picture of the world and interactions here are like setting a match to gasoline to watch the fantasy explosion.

Hey, “Pig4cock”…if you’re out there…loved your cam show last night, girl, and hope things went well at the church bake sale this afternoon!

See ya in cyberland!!

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