Where the hell have I been?!  

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2/27/2006 9:35 pm

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Where the hell have I been?!

...the hell?!! I believe a freakish wormhole opened up, sucked me in, and spit me out in a fantastic parallel universe! One in which I was king and beautiful women (naked of course) fawned over me, peeling my grapes and making tasty sammiches. My feet and back were massaged on a daily basis and I WAS ALWAYS RIGHT!! But, I another wormhole ripped me away from paradise!! NOOOOOOOooooooooo!!!!!!
Or maybe I just moved to a new place and have been too busy...or lazy...to write anything here.

I kinda prefer the wormhole option, but what the hey, what's a guy to do? Real life can be boring sometimes, but it always gets in the way of fantasy, dammit!

Speaking of life, my birthday is coming up on March 7th...when the hell did I stop caring about that? I used to totally anticipate my birthdays; welcome them and my upcoming shower of gifts! Now, I'm like, "meh..." (shrug) Does that mean I'm getting old and losing that spark of youth? I don't even care if I get presents anymore, though I still care if people acknowledge that it's my birthday.

What age do you think that I'll actually start fearing my birthdays? One more year closer to death, where my favorite gifts are ointments and potholders? Will it just suddenly happen like this uncaring mode has? One day it'll be, "Dear God! It's my birthday next week! Shit! Where can I hide?!"

Well, I say to thee, "Nay! I shall not be overcome with fear! Nor shall I be impassive!" I want that spark back! More importantly, dammit, I want gifts!!! Shower me with material goods! Money! Send Money!

Or, on the 7th, how about just sending a Happy Birthday...just one little thing to make a guy smile.

Thanks for listening...

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