Where does a day go?  

frell1975 41M
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2/28/2006 10:55 pm

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3/29/2006 11:24 pm

Where does a day go?

Today is the last day in February. Or, at least it is until Leap Year when the 28th gets screwed out of being the anchor and Mr. 29th decides to return from his 4 year excursion.

Just where does the 29th go when it's not on the calendar? Does it travel the world finding people in desperate need of an extra 24 hours? Somehow I doubt it...I think the 29th sits in its trailer in some generic podunk mobile home park somewhere in Florida. It sits and watches daytime talkshows while drinking mass quantities of alcohol. There it lives off the taxpayers money, claiming disability..."ooo, my back hurts!" 29th exclaims. In order to renew its pension, it must return to work on the calendar every 4 years, complaining the whole way.

God forbid it works like the other eleven 29ths! Those days that work every single year, without complaint I might add, and they don't even have the benefit of ending the month!

Could it be that February is a horrible month to work for? Why doesn't have as many days as the rest of the months? Is it the tough boss? Is that why the 30th and 31st quit, leaving the 29th in its drunken hatred?

What does the 28th feel? Is it happy to be the go to guy now? Does it feel great hatred toward 29? After all, the 28th works every single year, keeping February together, and here comes the 29th to rip its job away for one year out of four and then sits back and collects it's big fat lazy paycheck.

Another interesting question: Why the hell is it called Leap Year? I know damn well the 29th does absolutely no "leaping." It practically waddles its way to the calendar! So I ask of you, why "Leap Year?"

You know it was some guy that helped create the modern calendar that said, "You know what? Let's fuck around with these people! Let's add a day every four years, to...ah...fuck it, February! And then lets call that year a Leap just to really fuck them up!"

"Oh, and hey! Easter! Let's just let that puppy float all over the place! Make sure it's on Sunday no matter what, but throw it in March every once in a while to keep people guessing...Mu Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!!"

Perhaps, I ponder too much...

I'm onto you, 29th! You can't live off the government forever you lazy turd!!

frell1975 41M

3/29/2006 11:24 pm

Hmmm....I think you're onto something! Maybe that sneak, the 29th, disguises himself as that extra "r" on his off time! Just to throw everyone a curveball! Next Leap Year we must see if that "r" disappears while the 29th whines his way back to work...

You dirty scoundrel, 29th! Why must you torment us! What have we done to you!?

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