Some truth, perhaps?  

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3/29/2006 11:58 pm

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Some truth, perhaps?

How is it, in the place of virtual anonymity, the internet, I can still be shy?
I have always had a problem with the phone. I am absolutely horrible at calling people. I don't know why, I just don't think about sometimes, maybe...but I am getting better at it.

Why does this translate into e-mail and such? I don't have to actually talk to the person and get their reactions right away. Could it be some part of me wishes for everyone to contact me? A self-esteem issue perhaps? A need to feel wanted? Avoiding possible let-downs and denials?

I must admit, in using this site, I've gone roundabout ways to show my interest in women...My "first move" is to look at their profile and if they're gold/silver I wait to see if they check out my profile. If they're standard, I may add them to my hotlist to let them know I'm interested. What the hell is that? Can't I click on the wink? Can't I just say, "Hi! I like what I see so far, care to chat?" No! I can't seem to do that! I seem to need the lady to step up first and say do I get around that?

Quite the quirk I have, I must say. I'm quite capable of being open and honest on this blog, with no worries whatsoever who reads it. So how is that different than leaving a message? I'm not sure I can see a difference, but somehow I feel that there is.

Eh...whatever, I ramble... perhaps the shyness will fade...

Or maybe, all you ladies can just start showering me with praises right now! That'd be a hell of a lot easier...for me...So, GET CRACKIN'!! I'm a nice guy, and dammit, I am kinda horny! So, I'll just sit here by the phone/computer and wait for all your calls/messages...yeah...anytime now...gonna hear from all of you gals...yep......anytime...starting now... (sigh)...

Thanks for listening! 'Til later!

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