When I say No to an invite...I MEAN NO!!!!!!  

freetime648 52F
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5/30/2006 9:05 am

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6/5/2006 8:09 pm

When I say No to an invite...I MEAN NO!!!!!!


Ok AdultFriendFinder, what the hell????? I see I have an invite or two and I go read the profile and what they say, plus the message they leave on the invite. I go to decline or accept, whichever *I* choose and guess what happens?

It accepts them all. ALL THE TIME! I have no decline button that is in proper working order. I have my album and my pics on my profile and when someone sends an invite asking me for pics and is very rude and nasty about it, I SHOULD HAVE the right to say no...but that does not happen.....then I have to deal with Joe Schmo commenting rudely and distastefully to the pics he has been "Cordially" accepted to see...**NOTE OF SARCASM HERE!!!!!

SEE WHAT I AM SAYING HERE???????? GEEZ..........

xx FREETIME648 xx

HBowt2 58F

6/4/2006 7:41 pm


gjg1965 51M

6/4/2006 5:03 pm

Hi know someone els having problems too ,I have minor one,s. Mail me back see if my mail box works,By the way you have the most beautiful hair on this site. george

GoddessOfTheDawn 105F
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6/4/2006 9:50 am

Freetime, I think you choose the 'accept ALL / decline ALL' at the TOP of the page (ALL being all invites, and for all invites that one choice will be made). If you choose accept there, it ignores the choices you made per invitation, it simply accepts ALL invites.

At the BOTTOM of the page you can choose to 'accept / decline / block' where every individual choice counts.

This is not a fuckup of the site, it's working as designed.

see my post network invites ~ how do they work

funintheday2006 56M
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6/4/2006 1:33 am

Freetime, I feel for you. Even a dork like me has a cyberstalker and a devilworshipper fan. Great blog hon, glad I stopped by and will add to watch list!
If yu fget the time, check mine out, might bring a tad of light relief.
Have fun

EE407 41F
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6/2/2006 1:05 am

has plenty of declines handy... care for a few...

eroticalover1 42F

6/1/2006 12:59 pm

Yes you should have the option, I hope it all works out for you!

HotDev1l 44M
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5/31/2006 4:50 pm

Hmmm.....it seems to me the more balls you have the bigger the problem. Sorry.....never happened to me....but then....I'm not exactly inundated with invites

campfirecozy 66M

5/31/2006 4:02 am

Bummer. I hope that GP Cple's suggestion works.

rm_Salomon19662 50M/26F
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5/31/2006 1:52 am

What the Hell is going wrong in Your Brain?
Youve choosen the AdultFriendFinder Community and wondering you find somme A-holes? Whatever...ignore them and figure it out to find some nice People.
Thats real Live!
Wish you a nice Week and Im watching your Blog.

rm_anacortes 74M
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5/30/2006 8:51 pm

Hugzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz from FREDERICK

GB_Cple 66M/55F  
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5/30/2006 11:42 am

After accepting , go to network list ,and delete them , that normaly works

GB_Cple 66M/55F  
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5/30/2006 11:41 am

Odd , I had the promlem, that I could not accept or decline for a while , after mailing Customer services , they fixed it in a few days.

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