What do I want?????  

freetime648 52F
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1/12/2006 3:58 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What do I want?????

To be


xx FREETIME648 xx

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1/13/2006 4:54 am

well my dear free if you want to be ravaged i would like it very much if i was the one ravaging you

jaymichel 59M
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1/13/2006 12:02 am

Freetime We could work that out, no problem!!!

TheQuietGuy2005 54M
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1/12/2006 9:23 pm

I take it you don't mean ravaged by cold?

rm_art_persists 51M
1789 posts
1/12/2006 5:38 pm

so do I

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