Katrina and the Waves,,,bad play on words  

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9/1/2005 2:20 am

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Katrina and the Waves,,,bad play on words

Hurricane Katrina, or as we passionately call her, Hurricane Kat, has come and gone. She left a whole massive path of damage. Her wrath was laid out in New Orleans and other locales like a woman scorned. What I want to know is this....WHY? Why was she allowed to do so much damage? The "professionals" knew she was coming and knew she was bringing hell with her. THey knew her direction and her power. So, why did so many people have to perish and so many people have to lose their livelihoods? Because America thinks that they are the smartest and keenest people in all of the land and have all the answers. They f******* know what hurricanes can do and instead of putting money into precautions for such disasters they decide it is better to spend all that money on a search for a cruel, also, elusive man named Osama. How can you miss a 6'6" man in a dress, carrying a gun and toting a dialysis machine? C'mon people!!!!!!!!!! I am all for my country, I am all about patriotism and about supporting her...but, when is she going to support us???? Natural disasters have been and will always be inevitable.....so why not take the proper measures to alleviate some of the distruction?? WHy why why?? I was sent some pictures from New Orleans and I must say, I am disheartened, almost ashamed that that had to happen. I love my country and I will stand by my country, but, why is my country allowing such disasters to take innocent lives?
Hey, George-dub, what is up with that??????? Get off your ass and protect your people man!!! And not just from terrorism.....protect them from all "isms"!!!!!!!!!!

xx FREETIME648 xx

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