Just saying some shit.........  

freetime648 52F
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7/30/2006 3:54 am

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8/4/2006 1:17 am

Just saying some shit.........

I could start this is whole post as another rant but I do not have the emotional or brain energy to do it that way. SO, as boring to you all as this may be I am going to vent a bit, whine a bit and hell I may even cry a bit ....so bear with this or push the back button and leave me be!

First off, after 4 days I finally get my schedule for my new job. I have waited and waited all this time to go to work. I finally get what my "SUPERVISOR'S" schedule will be. Since when does a supervisor only work 16 hours a week? To top things off, I am being trained by another person who has only been working there for 3 weeks! I am so not ready for this cock-a-mamie bullshit!!!!! The lady in charge of this fiasco is nothing but a lazy cow who throws her duties onto someone else! I am so gonna have fun cause I am a stickler for work performance and this IS NOT a good start!

On a more somber note, I get a phone call from my sister yesterday and it seems my mom had a heart attack the night before last! It took them almost a whole day to call and inform me of this. I contacted my mom, who sounds horribly weak and horribly worn out, but, she still had some fiestiness to her so that is a good sign! I am not sure what to do ....stay here or rush home? She has voiced for me to stay put but, I feel quite guilty being thousands of miles away just in case the worst happens! I feel like a bad child!!!! She has given me so much as my mother and I am really having a hard time deciphering what she REALLY wants me to do! Damned if I do and damned if I don't!!!! What would you do? The docs expect a good recovery....considering her emphysema and pnuemonia! I don't know what to do.........

Poot and daughter made it to Idaho and as expected.....daughter hates it! She says she never realized that there was that many shades of brown!!!! Bless her heart! But, she did say Poot should be walkin any day now......WOO-HOO!!!! She is going to be my little "scooter butt" soon. LOL

I have rambled on enough...I am off to throw my head into a bucket of ice water to see if that helps with this confusion going on!


xx FREETIME648 xx

EE407 41F
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7/30/2006 1:13 pm

Good luck with everything hun!!!!

cassandrabear 48M/34F

7/30/2006 11:45 am


Thinking of you and from the sounds of things any decision you make will be the right one! Just go with what feels right.



citizen4722 58M  
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7/30/2006 7:37 am

It's like the saying 'I wish I could be in two places at the same time', if only this could come true for you right now.

angelofmercy5 58F
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7/30/2006 6:40 am

Free....sorry about your mom! I know it's a tough decision to know what to do here. It sounds like you have an awful lot on your plate.....try to relax and take a day to yourself and clear your head.

gjg1965 51M

7/30/2006 5:56 am

HI Sorry to hear about your mom,I know a cold bucket of water would clear the cobb webs out of my head.Hope your mom gets better and the job works out for the best.Thank for your horror scope post, that made me think of stuff i could not figure out.George

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