Joy of Sex: What is NOT in the book  

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9/7/2005 12:51 am

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Joy of Sex: What is NOT in the book

The book offers suggestions in many ways but what all that is for is for those who have no spontanaiety, who are sexual so-so's...I want to see these subjects in the book!
(Anne Hooper is the author of Joy of Sex..keep her in mind while reading)

1. Edible underwear: Not necassarily the best on your teeth but can be quite fun! Floss anyone?

2. Use of toys: And I do not mean trucks and dollies...I mean vibrators, dildoes, strap O' nine tails...or any other item you can use to arouse your inner demons!!

3. Swinging and swapping: Ooooh the devil itself...Anne Hooper(actual Joy of Sex author) would just get the vapors if she had to write about this.

4. DP: or effectionatley known as Double Penetration...wouldn't this be just outstanding in this book? The illustrations would be worth the look see alone!

5. Squirting: the ability of a woman to ejaculate like a man....and also a good way to wash your sheets without all the detergent

6. Tag teaming: Where one woman or man, gets all the attention at the same time from all the people involved...Oooh pick me pick me!!!

7. Gang bang: A little more detailed then Tag teaming..gaurentee that SOMEONE in the room will be walking funny the next morning

8. Sex swings: This would make even Tarzan shiver in his loin cloth..let alone Anne herself.

9. Role playing: Making someone my "bitch" for a night does have its appealing qualities..and I can dress them up like dolls..or like...well you get the idea!

10. Fisting: Well my oh my.....I have seen this done, I have been intrigued by this but, I just cannot imagine myself agreeing to a manual hysterectomy without the consumption of GALLONS of alcohol....I just made everything pucker by mentioning this.

11. BDSM: sort of role playing but with an attitude to boot....and do you want to know what to do with that boot?? Lick it clean, bitch!!!

And finally:

12. Orgies: Can just picture Anne Hooper, running around the room with pen and paper..frantically saying.." cannot do that, it won't give the right sensation..Stop it...stop it right now I say!!!!

Poor woman...she seems in the need of a good hard lay, and maybe a valium to ease her troubled mind!!!!

xx FREETIME648 xx

brightblonde3 58F

9/10/2005 6:21 am

Free, re Item #10...there are just some things in my life time I volunteer to miss, and this will be one of them.

rm_jonseagull42 52M

9/9/2005 8:48 am

hi free,
in short: i was pissing my pants when i read your comments on "joy of sex", new kind of watersports i should probably report to jane.
But seriously the best hints i got for my and my partners pleasure i do not find in this kind of technical literature but rather with good world class belletristic writers who understand to combine phantasie with personality

TheQuietGuy2005 54M
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9/7/2005 7:53 am

If this were a cartoon, ma'am, a light-bulb would have just exploded into light above my head!

It's clearly one of thise intercontinental things: those of us in the UK were talking about a different Joy of Sex.

The UK book of that name was written by Alex Comfort, an English biologist and psychology who spent most of his career studying ageing. However, when it came to his book it seems he was not only streets ahead of his American counterpart but whole expressways.

According to one review, "Dr Comfort’s aim was not merely to show how to make love-making richer and more exciting, he wished to undo the damage caused by guilt, misinformation, and non-information and to combat the widely-held belief that sex is unhealthy or downright wrong."

It was first released back in the seventies and came as an absolute revelation to me a few years later, not least because it did talk about things that were not then so mainstream (including plenty off your list!); not so much how to do sex but how to explore it ... and have fun doing so.

The book always carried its share of cautionary messages and I gather the latest version is perhaps a little too emphatic on the risks of STDs ... but as something to make you think about variety, diversity and enjoyment (not to mention love and affection) as a youngester, it did the job pretty well

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