I do not get revenge..I get EVEN!  

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4/4/2006 12:32 am

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I do not get revenge..I get EVEN!

Ever have a moment where no matter how hard you try, you cannot help but get revenge on someone?? Someone that almost ruined you and what you are? I am not one for revenge but eventually, I do have a tendency to get even. It may come in the form of an act or of maybe simply just words spoken. Either way, the offender does NOT get away with the act that they had done to me....but that was then.....

Example one: I had a roommate that was told she was not to have her boyfriend living with us due to the landlady being "proper". When he moved in I told her and her b/f to leave. She then left without paying any of her bills and I had eventually lost the house I was living in. So, one night I went out for a couple drinks and there sat her truck that her daddy bought for her. Ooooops.....I have no clue how that piece of cement curbing got into her windshield!

Example two: In High School, my father said if I got on the honor roll, he would buy me a car. He even took me to see the car that he was to buy. A '69 Camaro...dark green, black leather interior, absolutely gorgeous. I had helped him with remodeling our house and in the process I stepped on a rusty nail which got infected and put me into the hospital for 2 weeks. THey inserted the IV in my right hand and one of my classes just happened to be Shorthand. I could not do the work because of the placement of the IV. I missed the honor roll by 2 points that term. Dad refused to buy the car for me. So, to get even....I never made the honor roll on purpose. I became a slacker!

Now, the reason I am saying this is just this......is getting even and getting revenge the same thing? I believe so.....also, in both scenarios did you notice that "I" am the one who suffered in the long run?

Albeit from me to not get my opinion in, but, beyond giving out verbally charged tirades I refuse to get even or get revenge. It is like jealousy...a wasted emotion designed to destroy who you are as a person.

xx FREETIME648 xx

HotDev1l 44M
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4/4/2006 3:40 pm

Reading the two examples I was saddened because it reminded me of how I used to behave but then I read your penultimate paragraph and it made me happier.

Your examples reminded me of my childhood. I always used to get even but I always found that the initial smugness of "winning" was quickly replaced by a feeling of disappointment. Disappointment that I had reduced myself to the same level as them, disappointment that I had let someone make me do something that was against my nature and disappointment that I had lost control.

Nowadays I think I look at the situation in which I feel "wronged" and make the conscious decision to learn from the mistake. I guess my attitude is "Fool my once shame on you, Fool me twice shame on me".

I think as you get older you begin to find peace with yourself and no longer have to prove that you're right...it suffices that you live your life within a moral and ethical framework in which you feel comfortable. At the end opf the day I would like to look back and say that yes sometimes things got tough or unfair but at the end of it all, I rose above it all.

Great post hun

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