Fear and Loathing in ....Duetschland  

freetime648 52F
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8/16/2005 1:43 am

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Fear and Loathing in ....Duetschland

Something has happened recently. I have a car. Hubby went and bought me a very nice used car from a friend and soon enough I will be free to do as I please. Go where I want to go, see things I want to see and let the wind blow my hair! SCREEEEEEEEEEEECH! I have one major problem! I have a deep rooted fear of the Autobahn. I have yet to drive on the autobahn, I do not like the autobahn and the autobahn just plain straight up scares the hell out of me. Is there a condition, such as agorophobia, that they use to describe people with the fear of the Autobahn??? "Autobahn-a-phobia"? Friends that know of this infliction, mock and ridicule me, hubby thinks I am a panty waste and my mom, well she is my mom, she loves me!!! But, nonetheless, I don't want to do it. Can't I just take my time on the priority roads? Leave earlier? SOMETHING! Any ideas how to cure this phobia??? Is it a phobia at all???? Or am I like my hubby says....A big panty waste?

xx FREETIME648 xx

yesbelg 55M
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8/16/2005 7:27 am

Don't know,
Am often afraid of the german autobahn, mostly at night
But think thats rather because of the not knowing (no lights) and not well knowing the way, so one must react fast.
But ones, onto the road, one get used to it, and the fear dissapears
So get familiar to the Autobahn, just by driving onto it

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