Mmmmm...Dont touch THAT!!!!!  

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1/5/2006 11:23 pm

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Mmmmm...Dont touch THAT!!!!!

As reading a comment from abear0714, u have inspired me ..Yes, i was also raised to believe that you dont touch yourself there, dont do that!, oh my goodness gracious NO!!!
Never had i even really contemlpated such a thing! But i guess as you grow, not older, but more within yourself, and become comfortable with yourself, in your own skin,your own body and soul.
As i became older and more active sexually, did i discover my own body. Up untill a few years ago i had never entered a sex shop let alone buy myself a toy to play with, or as one of my friends call them, Bob 1 and 2..(battery operated boyfriend) LOL... And i love them! Cant imagine being seperated. hehe.. And i think ever since, have had a more satisfying sex life, i have discovered what I like and where and how I like to be touched... So now, i have no worries in letting someone else know, thats if they need help down that path...
Being told not to do something has always made me wanna do it.... Is this where that comes from ??? LOL Stay Happy xox

freehugsforever 46F

1/7/2006 4:18 am

U made me chuckle.. cheeky!

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