Where's the passion?  

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11/21/2005 1:46 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Where's the passion?

I see a lot of dickheads and T&A on here, and a lot of talk. But I get the feeling it's all about a quick fuck! Where's the passion? I'm not necessary talking about an emotionally committed relationship, although that definitely (at times) has its good points. I mean the passion to explore the WHOLE sexual experience.

Going into a new relationship is all about the exploration of new sensations, the excitement of discovery, and the revelation of a new body, mind and spirit. It's about co-creation of a new unique experience shared only by two (or sometimes three). It's about taking the time to learn every inch of that beautiful body being offered to you. It's about learning how to give that person the most pleasure.

I see too many people wasting that moment on just getting off. Been there and done that myself. Now I know that you miss 80% of the experience when you do. Makes me wish that there was a 'sexual quality' rating on everybody's profile.

And everybody puts so much judgment on the first sexual encounter. My experience is that the first is sometimes the worst (even though it can still be pretty good). Especially if your cumming off a dry spell. Too excited, too rushed. It usually gets much better the second, even the third time. The fourth is when the rhythm starts.

Good example: they don't even have a 'passionate' mood selection!

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