Your Kind of Lover?  

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4/14/2006 7:04 am

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Your Kind of Lover?

In public I am your gentleman with social and cultural skills you appreciate.

In private I am intensely attracted to your sexy feminine figure.

I have enough devil in me to take you by surprise, bend you over the back of the sofa, jerk your panties down, ram my cock into you, and fuck you hard,

... and enough angel in me to kiss you softly, gently lick and suck your nipples, caress your body with the lightest touch, then gently lift your legs over you, and make you groan with pleasure as I lick your vagina and tease your clit with my tongue.

You delight in the feel of my body against yours.

You eagerly spread your legs, grab my ass and pull my hard warm cock deep into you,

... then lay your head back on the pillow, close your eyes, and loose yourself in the steady rhythm of my masculine love,

... as erotic sensations build between your legs, spread through your body, and flood into your mind, building ever stronger.

You feel my cock grow harder inside you as I start hammering into your warm wet vagina, making your heart race and breathing come in shallow gasps,

... until suddenly every muscle tenses, your back arches, your vagina tightens around me, and you let out a deep groan as my load blasts into you.

We collapse together in a sweaty heap, breathing heavy and holding each other tight as our bodies relax.

I kiss you softly, noticing that sparkle in your smiling eyes telling me I have satisifed my woman.

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