Real Men 101 - Part 2 - Love  

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Real Men 101 - Part 2 - Love

How can a man who thinks logically feel love for a woman, like a woman who thinks in terms of feelings feels love for a man?

The answer: He doesn't. More accurately, he can't.

Men and women have different mentalities. They do not, and cannot, think alike.

This is one of the greatest truths about relationships, yet most people don't know it.

Women complain "Why doesn't he show any feelings for me?"

Men complain "Why does she cry over the least little thing?"

How many relationships fall apart because men and women don't understand this fundamental truth?

When a man says he loves his woman, he speaks from a mind that is programmed for logic.

For a man, love means attraction to his woman, sexual and mental, commitment to her above all others, caring for her needs, looking out for her well being, wanting to give her the best, and enjoying her sexy feminine body.

His actions toward her stem from thoughts of caring and commitment.

The only real feelings men typically have for a woman are sexual arousal. That is the only time you see a man's head spinning regarding a woman.

That is how a man can be working on his car in the garage, turn around and see his woman in a skimpy outfit, instantly get a hardon for her, and want to bend her over the fender, jerk her panties down, and do her right there,

... without even taking time to clean the grease off his hands.

For a woman love means strong emotional feelings toward her man, deep, gutteral, from her innermost self, Feelings that start deep in her, and radiate all through her.

That is why women swoon over a man. More often that not, it is emotional, not sexual.

Her actions toward him stem from a strong emotional feelings toward him.

Women have to work up to sex emotionally, and that takes a little time.

That is why women prefer foreplay, sweet talk, kissing, cuddling, and fondling.

When they have emotional confirmation that their man loves them, then they can make the mental transition from emotional feelings to sexual feelings.

When sexual infidelity occurs, women are hurt (feelings), but men are dissappointed (logic).

Understanding these fundamental differences can make for a great relationship.

A woman takes emotional comfort from knowing her man cares about her, is committed to her above other women, looks out for her well being, and will eschew other women to save his body for her.

A man gets logical satisfaction from knowing his woman has strong emotional feelings toward him, and will eschew other men to save her body for him.

A real man has strong mental commitment to his woman that withstands the sexual arousal of seeing other women's bodies.

While he may look at other women (he's not really looking at them, just their body), he is mentally committed to his woman.

Regular men don't have that strength of commitment.

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