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7/6/2006 3:00 am

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Real Men 101

Women often say in their profile: "I'm looking for a real man."

Problem is, most of those same women will reject a real man if he comes along.

Here is why:

1) A real man must chart his own course through life, and steer his own ship.

I say "must" because men are wired (programmed) to be do-ers, to accomplish, to achieve.

A real man is happy when he is doing, accomplishing, and achieving.

Maybe I should say that a real man is happy *because* he is doing, accomplishing, and achieving.

He is simply following his programming.

That means by definition that he has goals and plans.

Men (just plain men, contrasted with real men) who are not following their programming, who are not doing, accomplishing, and achieving, are not truly happy.

If your definition of a real man is anything other than a doer, accomplisher, and achiever, you have the wrong definition.

2) A real man sets his course, and steers his ship, by himself.

A real man doesn't need help setting the course and steering the ship, and to be really honest, he doesn't want any help.

Men are wired (programmed) to be independent thinkers. Real men are following that programming.

That is why a real man will rarely ask your opinion or advice regarding the course he has set and the steering of the ship. It is his nature to do it by himself.

3) A real man keeps the ship on course and moving ahead.

A real man's first priority is to keep the ship on course and keep it moving.

That is his nature... to be a doer, accomplisher, and achiever.

If your definiton of a real man is one whose first priority is making you happy, you have the wrong defintion.

If you reject a man because he seems more interested in doing, accomplishing, and achieving than showing you attention, you may be rejecting a real man.

4) If the ship gets off course, or stops, a real man's attention and effort wiil turn toward getting back on course and/or moving again.

You will loose his attention during that time.

He is not ignoring you. He is just looking after his first priority.

5) A real man cares about the well being of those making the voyage with him.

A real man will look out for your well being, and try to make the trip comfortable for you.

... but his first priority is still staying on course and keeping the ship moving.

He is not avoiding you. He is just following his nature.

If you reject a man because he spends too much time (in your opinion) with the ship, and not enough time with you, even though he is making the trip comfortable or you, you may be rejecting a real man.

6) A real man will go out of his way to make the trip comfortable for you, as he understands comfort, but may not inquire about your feelings toward the accomodations.

Women are more concerned with how everyone feels about the accomodations.

Men are more concerned with keeping the ship on course and moving.

It is not that he doesn't care about your feelings, he just cares more about making the voyage than how everone feels during the voyage. It is his nature.

Women are wired for feelings. Men are wired for logic.

If your definiton of a real man is one who cares about peoples feelings like you do, you have the wrong definition.

If you reject a man because he doesn't seem to care about people's feelings like you do, you may be rejecting a real man.

7) A real man will change course and/or speed if he sees a good logical reason to do so.

Men are a little bit like Spock, the Vulcan, on Star Trek. We are wired for logical thinking.

A real man will make a change in course and/or speed of the ship at your request... if you take the time to explain the reason for doing so, and the reason makes logical sense.

He is not likely to do it simply because you request it (or demand it) in the absence of a good reason for doing so. He is wired to look at things logically.

A real man knows that a safe and comforable voyage, and successfully reaching the destination, are his responsibility.

A real man doesn't make excuses or stand around and blame others while the ship is off course or not moving.

He directs his attention toward getting back on course and/or getting the ship moving again.

If you have a man in your life who always has an excuse why things aren't going right, and/or blames others for things not going right, you don't have a real man.

alongislandlady 62F

7/8/2006 9:46 pm

very well said and now i have a better understanding of the opposite, i know men are deep thinkers and to pause when they dont answer a question immediately...wait for their response a reasonable amount of time...thank you for sharing your insightful wisdom...

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