Make love or make war?  

free30daytrial 63M
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9/4/2006 6:03 am
Make love or make war?

I no longer believe in traditional marriage. I now seek a lover, not a wife. A Ms., not a Mrs.

Traditional marriage used to be a fair and just relationship where the man as the leader was responsible to love and support his wife, and his wife as the follower was responsible for respecting and obeying her husband. That is the marriage framework outlined in the Bible.

Over the past 50 years the meaning of "traditional" marriage has changed to something unfair and unjust. Today's meaning (according to state law) still has the man responsible for loving and supporting his wife, but his wife no longer is responsible for respecting and obeying her husband. She can now refuse to do something she does not agree with, argue with her husband, and criticize him to his face or behind his back. It leaves the man with responsibility but frees the woman from any responsibility, which is grossly unfair and unjust.

Furthermore, no man can love a woman who chooses to be uncooperative and critical instead of being a friend. Women who think they can make love and make war with their man are living in a fantasy world. Reality is that you can do one or the other, not both.

It is easy to understand why more men don't want a wife anymore, and look for a Ms. rather than a Mrs.

Women who complain about men not wanting to marry should take those complaints to their legislators who made such an unfair and unjust set of marriage laws that increasing numbers of men want no part of.

District Court Judges who get increasingly frustrated dealing with an endless stream of domestic relation cases and the incessant arguing and bickering those cases bring into their courtrooms can thank their legislators for that mess.

Religious leaders who cry and wail about the rate of divorce and broken homes in our society are just barking at the moon. Nobody cares what they say or think anymore, not even their own congregations. Most people who still "go to church" do it for social reasons, or to be entertained, and couldn't care less what the preacher says.

The only way left that creates a level playing field is for a man and woman to be lovers, where each has their own life, their own home, and their own views, and the relationship lasts as long as they remain friends.

This is not a good environment for raising children, but that is a casualty of the laws as they are now. If I were a man in my 20s today, I would go ahead and get a vasectormy now, so I could not bring any children into this messed-up society.

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