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11/15/2005 1:50 pm

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More to think about...

I invite you over to see my house, on a sunny cool fall afternoon, I offer you a drink and we chat for a wile, as we talk I cant help but to gaze at your sexy boobs from time to time and all though I try not to be obvious I’m some how sure you know what I’m thinking.

To slow down the erection forming in my pants I offer to show you the house. I lead you on the tour showing you each room on the first floor then out onto the deck, by now the sun is close to going down, I take you to the end of the deck and show you the hot tub. As we stand by the tub trailing our fingers in the warm water I lean in close to you and kiss you slowly and hotly on the mouth. Your response to the kiss is encouraging and I ask if you would like to try the tub.

You give me a kiss and begin to unbuckle my pants as I undo yours. We continue to kiss and touch as our clothing falls away and we slip into
the warm inviting water, the touching and fondling goes on for as long as we can stand to be in the tub. I can barely stand it. My cock is so hard it hurts, We exit the tub and I take you up to the master bed room, and into the shower I cant believe the hot erotic sight of you standing there water streaming down your body, I grab the soap and begin to rub you all over working up quit the lather sliding my hands over your breasts and soaping you down the front and up the back, as I slid my hands over you, you do the same to me. The feeling of rubbing my cock against you slippery wet body could make me cum… I rinse the soap from you and sit you on the bench set in the shower, I lower my self to the floor and spread your legs seeing the drops of water dripping from your sweet pussy, I lean in and lightly flick your lips with the tip of my tongue, then deeper and deeper sliding my tongue into you tasting you, drinking you in, edged on by your hand on the back of my head, Mmmmmmm. I lick and eat you until you cum in my mouth, tasty! Then you grab my cock and we change positions… you slowly tease me licking the tip of my cock be for you take my head into your mouth, I can feel your tongue circling Mmmmmm, you slowly go deeper down on me sucking me to near climax and when I can take no more I tell you I am about to cum, you take your hot mouth from my rod and stroke me hard, and I respond by shooting a thick clingy load onto your neck and tits, (good thing were still in the shower) We wash each other again towel off and I take you to the bed…

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