A little more fantasy  

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4/18/2006 4:23 pm

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A little more fantasy

It was early afternoon on a Saturday I was on my way home after helping a friend cut down some trees. I stopped at a local market to grab a couple six packs and some steaks to cookout, while waiting in the checkout line I noticed this cute redhead looking at me. She had a couple bottles of red wine, I said to her “your not going to drink those alone are you?” to my surprise she said “ Not if you want to help me” I introduced my self and she said her friends called her Red. After a few minutes of chit chat in the line I invited her over to my place to join me for the cookout.

Red followed me to my place. It’s a rather secluded cabin a few miles outside of town. I wasted no time opening a bottle of the wine for Red. We talked as I tossed the greens and cooked the steaks. By the time the food was ready the first bottle of wine was gone. Over the meal I was sure she was feeling the effects by her flirtatious smile and the way she keep touching my hand. I have to admit I had hoped it would go this way…

By the time we had finished eating Red had finished off the second bottle of wine and it was beginning to show, she asked about the hot tub at the end of the deck and I asked if she would like to take a soak? She replied, “I thought you would never ask” and proceeded to strip and slip into the warm waters. The sight of her firm tanned body, small pert breasts and all but completely shaved bush gave me an instant erection! She was in the tub before I could even get my shirt off, I quickly lost the rest of my close and slipped in to the tub. Red called me over to her and as I slid up close I kissed her with a long slow exploring kiss, feeling her tongue darting and sliding over my own. We explored each other’s bodies in the warm waters for a long while, till we could take no more and emerged to lie in the sun on the deck.

The feeling of the evening breeze blowing gently over my body was refreshing and the sight of Red laying there with droplets of water sparkling all over her body filled me with desire. My cock was so hard it actually hurt, It was such a relief when she grabbed my throbbing member and gave it a firm squeeze. Red had strong grip for a small woman and it felt so good! Red soon repositioned her self and began to slowly lick my cock like a lollypop all the while giving me the most desire filled look with her sexy eyes. I thought I would come as I watched her take the large head of my cock into her mouth stretching those sweet lips over and then down my thick shaft. It was amazing to watch as she slowly worked her way all the way down to the base of my cock and the feeling was incredible!

I reached down and ran my fingers up her thigh to find the hottest wettest box I have ever had the pleasure to touch. I gently rubbed her clit in a slow firm circular motion feeling her press back against me as I rubbed. I soon slid a finger onto her feeling slick wetness, and spreading it over her warmth. I wanted her right now and told her so. Red stopped sucking my cock and stood up, she stepped over me and squatted down just to the point where the tip of my thick cock came in contact with her wet pussy. The heat was unbelievable and I could feel her hot wet juice beginning to flow down me like candle wax. I began to thrust up to her and she pulled away smiling and shaking her head no in a playful way. It was clear I would have to let Red be in charge to get what I wanted. She slowly lowered her self back down and began working her hips in a circular motion completely coating my large bulbous head with her slippery wetness. It was all I could do to lay still as she drive mw crazy! Then after what seemed like and eternity I felt her start to put her weight down on it. I watch as her tight wet pussy slowly stretched out and over the head of my cock and she began to ride up and down, each time lowering her self a little further down my shaft slowly taking me into her until my full wrist thick cock was buried deep in her, the feeling was exquisite! So slippery and so tight. The look on her face was of a women lost in passion and pleasure as she rode me faster and faster stopping every now and then to grind her clit against me and then suddenly begin to pump up and down with a fury. I told Red I was going to cum, and as if saying the word was magic, she began to have an incredibly intense orgasm, I could feel her pussy spasms and squeeze drawing my load up from the base of my balls. I exploded feeling what seemed like gallon of my cum rocketing up through my shaft pumping and pumping filling her with my seaman, I think I almost blacked out!

After, we lay along time talking and kissing… We made planes to get-together aging…

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4/22/2006 11:28 am

.... but the next time we got together things went a bit differently. I knew his work schedule so I sent a text to his phone 30 minutes before he was to leave work. "I want to suck on your hard, thick cock.. I'll be in the hot tub waiting for you. Don't daudle" is what I sent with a big cheshire cat grin on my face.
Right on time I hear his truck pull into the yard and screech to a stop. I have a pitcher of margheritas sitting next to the tub and I pour one as he rounds the corner. I am standing up in the hot tub, water dripping off my body, drink in hand and desire in my eyes. Oh my god I can see how hard he is from where Im standing.
He wastes no time, striding across the deck he's striping out of his clothes. He reaches the edge of the tub and takes the drink in one hand and wraps his arm around my waist with the other.. pulling me in to him soo tightly.. lowering his mouth to mine in quite a savage kiss. Tongues wrestling with each other, sucking and drawing us into a deeper and deeper kiss. His hard cock sticking into my belly, leaving a trail of pre-cum across me.
We break the kiss away, both of us breathing heavily.. he sips his drink and lets go of me. I slid into the hot waters and bent over one of the jets while he steps in. "No need for that lovely, I got what you need" he says to me. His face is flushed and his cock it throbbing in front of me. He steps over to me and pulls me up to stand in front of him, then turning me around he pushes me roughly over the edge of the tub and in one quick thrust buries his cock into my hot wet dripping pussy. OMG it feels soo good and is soo hard.. it fills me up so much it feels like I will split open. He stands there for just a minute, gathering his breath and his plan.. I can hear his heartbeat speeding up.. he reaches up with one hand and puts it on my shoulder, the other is buried in my hair.. he pulls my head back, pulls out to the head of his cock and slams back in as hard as he can. He pulls back out again to the head and slams back in.. now it feels like hes gotten even bigger inside me which is impossible but does.. and begins pumping into me harder and faster. My ass grinding into him every time he pumps in. I reach down between my legs and begin to roll my clit between my finger and thumb.. tugging on it as if it were a tiny cock. That is all it takes.. I cum quickly, but not him.. he just keeps pounding away. I tell him to turn me around... he stops quickly, flips me around and pushes me back onto the decking. He takes my legs and pushes them up to my head, and slides very slowly back into me, smiling wickedly.. eyes dancing with mischief. "You ready for another, baby?" he says to me. "Oh yesss!!" I moan and he begins to stroke in and out picking up the pace with each return. He drops my legs down and still standing in the water bends over and kisses first lightly on my neck.. sucking on my nipples.. teasing me. He goes back to my neck and bites me on the thick muscle there.. his hands going under my ass cheeks to knead and dig his fingers into them. I explode!! not able to stop cumming all over his hard hot cock he pushes into me faster and faster... Looking in my eyes I can see he's ready. I arch my back and wrap my legs around his waist.. pulling him into me where we just grind and grind as we both cum so hard it makes both of our muscles twitch and quiver.
After our heavy breathing comes to some kind of control, he slides out of me and down into the water. I sit up and slid in next to him.. sitting between his legs. As he wraps his arms around me, he hands me a drink, takes one for himself and we sit exhausted and sated in the hot water.
"What's gonna top that..?" he says. With and evil grin on my face I say "Guess we'll find out next time.. won't we..??"

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