Using What You Have  

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7/21/2006 7:09 am

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Using What You Have

I was speaking to someone regarding physical incapacities. A thought came to me, there are many people walking paralyzed.

They are afraid,reticent to make a move right or left, north or south. Their lives are stagnant.

It makes one wonder what is more efficient/profitable. Physical immobility yet able to think coherently and put those thoughts into motion or physical mobility yet not challenging your mind, body or soul.

Now I can't sit here and say I would choose physical immobility in reality. Yet by not making choices yay or nay, not growing emotionally is this a worse scenario,

Certainly someone who has the physical capabilities may in some distant future allow themselves to stretch out of their "confinements". If that moment occurs.
Because we know "time waits for no man".

It's like asking if you had one sense to lose which would it be? I was asked this question over thirty years ago. I remember saying I rather lose my sight than my hearing.

I was asked, "Why?". Oh I knew why, but thought my answer not scientific enough for the venue it had came from.

I do feel I'm rambling, I worked last night, so bear with me.

If I could not see. I could hear the wind.
If I could not see, the leaves rustling down a path I would hear.
If I could not see, I could hear a newborn baby.My mind could paint a picture of familiar sights and my other senses could fill the canvas of this event.

I would use every sense I had to the utmost.

Don't worry, be Happy

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