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Time Square

I had been deluged with email and erotica(pics also)by a "sophisticated" newyorker. He introduced me to the nyc room regulars(chatters who show up daily/frequently. I think I was in "The Lobby" when we met February 2005. He also introduced me to a few more sexual positions I hadn't experienced(hope not too much info)

Well now look at me, about to attend my 1st AdultFriendFinder party,a meet/greet in the theater district,it was May 14th 2005. I had a room at Park Central(market ad).

I who had stood under the Eiffel tower,gazed at Pike's Peak,the Golden Gate Bridge,St. Louis Arch and the winding drive in Carmel had never hopped to the neighboring state for a walk in Times Square. Oh I had been to plays and Radio City and visited relatives many times on Long Island but this was a new adventure.

Meeting people you chatted with practically daily, putting a face to the handle and a proper name all in a social setting was a good experience.

Now this fellow, well known in two rooms was more than interested in a threesome which he spoke about nearly from the time we met, believing my handle implied the same.

He encouraged me to pursue and be pursued. In fact he pre-screened anyone who wanted to meet me,he wanted me to to relay the details post meet. Well my details were boring because they had halitosis,body odor or something which caused me not to have sex with them.

Here's the corker, this man had a sexual dysfunction-oh he could have an erection-he just couldn't ejaculate. Of course we know mixed feelings for the other sex partner regarding this occurence. Once he did accomplish this task, after that he said we no longer could meet just the two of us but only with others.

He arranged a threesome with someone who came to the city about 3-4 times a year to visit her daughter. I worked the previous night and had just return to work from an injury I was on workmen's compensation for(July 2005). I was to drive into nyc-participate-and had to work that night also. He had spoke in open forum about this"meet" in one of the rooms. I was a "no show".

He ignored me in two rooms-didn't put me on ignore(too nosey), Would insult/berate any who approached me. Well four months of this and he greets me. Hmmmm, something is up(I think).

Early on there was a nyc couple I met and could feel their connection to each other. Their relationship hit some rocks. There was previous discord between the two men some of which I witnessed in open chat. Needless to say, He and she had a short lived whatever until her"soulmate" returned to her life. Being kicked to the curb is an equal opportunity event.

After seven months of no male contact(little time-I've had 10+yrs of celibacy)I became involved from the waist down with someone. When I found myself having minute feelings I was ready to walk away. An interesting scenario erupted and if that 3rd person is having a sunny day I won't be literally buried in superlatives. I speak about this 2nd AdultFriendFinder encounter in different posts and different manners"A teardrop fell","Hagar" and "The Gift" which I will unhide because my friend should feel very secure and the post actually has humor,depth and erotica. Have a Good Day.

Don't worry, be Happy

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